Friday, October 26, 2007

Erotica Week

Last night I finished editing a slew of erotica that I'm about to send out to various markets.

I also came to the conclusion that a set writers schedule isn't going to work for me. I need to work on projects each night. I set myself a goal to get something finished so I work on that until my muse runs away with blue hair flowing out behind her. A quick whistle and a change of project brings her back all refreshed and ready to go but this is rarely needed as she becomes as engrossed in whatever project I'm working on, as much as I do.

So getting my erotica pieces out was my main goal last night. I didn't get them all sent but that will be completed by this evening where I can work on editing another piece that has sat around for too long. The longest piece I have written so far - outside of my novel - is "Confused Love".

I am yet to send it out into the market place. Tonight I will do a full edit on it, in preparation for it to go out the door on Sunday night. Why not send it tonight? I will do my edit tonight as I haven't looked at it in a while so I will not be editing it with jaded eyes. I will then let it sit for another day before doing a final read through to see if I missed anything - and then send it out.

I've hit a small hitch with my ebook. I had set myself parameters which I now have to change to enable me to get the content required for the type of ebook I'm working on. To be honest, I'm not real happy about it as I will now be including content I didn't want to. I will have to ensure that my views on the content are clearly expressed or that the content is securely kept in a section for it's type. It can't look like a tacked on after thought though so it will be a difficult blend. We'll see - after I finish my shorts submissions.

My three Novella's have been sitting on the back burner for a while now too so they will be brought back into the light of day by the end of next week.

That leaves my novel. She has sat quietly for a while now. I have begun a new edit on the beginning of it but my writing time each evening is reducing and so somethings have begun to get squeezed out. "Tigers Eye" has lost out badly to my other work and my life in general. She will have to stay in the background for now, my first year as a serious writer is almost up - only a little over a month to go. I have written the story, it just needs the time to be polished. At this moment in time I am thinking it will become my major work for my diploma if I get accepted next year. That will then drive my need to work on it. I love the story I wrote, the premise behind it all. It's just the words that need rearranging, the structure in some instances. It will get done.

Well - it's turned into a long post. It wasn't meant to be but I had a bit to update, so there you go. As always - thank you for reading but now it's time to get back to your own writing and get those pieces out the door.

Good luck with your submissions.

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