Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy - but not all writing

I have read many articles on the Art of writing over the last year and most of them make the suggestion that a writer should put time aside each day to write. Whether that be 30 minutes or more, it doesn't matter as long as you allow time to write regularly.

I try to write every evening but if I was successful then I would be able to at least blog every evening but I don't. I get side tracked. More to the point, I allow myself to get side tracked.

This week has been a very surreal experience with family deaths, family birthdays (two of those) a life altering epiphany that I'm still coming to terms with, trying to continue my normal work (which currently involves a huge mega-dollar project) and my writing.

Something has to give, and with three children and a need to continue bringing in a pay packet - it tends to be my writing time. Now I find I'm up till odd hours doing some editing or writing but I get something done until later in the week when my batteries finally give up and I've exhausted all my reserves. Then I don't write at all.

I don't write as much now as I did even a month ago. That's not so much through choice. Sometimes life sucks and we have to make choices that we feel we don't want to. At least that's what I thought during the last month. Not anymore.

My life will be what I want it to be and I will be making it great. Sounds simple - not so easy to live up to that statement but I have made the decision that I am going to.

And as part of that - my writing time is now set in stone and blogging will be part of that. I will add a blog entry at least every two days. I will try for everyday but unforeseen things still happen and part of my promise to myself is to get more sleep. If something comes up - I will not be up until all hours, squeezing in some writing. I'll just write more the following day when i have more time.

Stay tuned to this space. The writing works in progress will begin to climb as will the publishing credits and the number of posts.

On checking my counter stats tonight I have found visitors from all over the world. I thank you all for your interest and hope you continue to visit.

Like me - try and make time for your writing everyday and keep those submissions rolling out.

Good luck.

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