Monday, October 15, 2007


Hi all

I like to critique other writers work. I like to give them the benefit of my limited experience, my point of view. It is after all only an opinion.

If I really like the piece then my crits are very short, more often than not, if I really like it, I'll send a note saying as much and apologise for not offering a crit - why should I try to find fault with something I like - critiquing is not being a critic.

If I find work I like the premise of but has either technical or more ethereal issues, my critique can run into the thousands of words - all very diplomatically chosen although I try not to pull any punches. It's my opinion and the person I'm providing it too paid a whole $0 for it. If they don't agree or don't like it then they can disregard. If I point out things that others have then they disregard at their own peril.

Nothing annoys me more than taking the time to crit something for a stranger and then having that crit critiqued or shot down in flames or worse - being rude in response to it.

If you submit a piece for critique anywhere then you're asking for others opinions. If you don't like that opinion then say thank you for taking the time and move on. If you take the time to argue points then you will loose that person critiquing for you in the future. If you only retain those who say they like your work - you will not learn anything and you will not improve.

I also actively put my work out to crit circles and groups. I want the feedback. I want to learn. I don't always agree with the responses but I take the time to see if each comment is valid from a readers point of view. More often than not it is and i need to find another way to do things - but I refuse to restructure or loose the way I want to convey the piece because I've written it and each writer needs to have their own voice. No point in writing like someone else - just have a look at all the bad press the writer of Eragon has gotten.

Be yourself but be willing to learn. You will learn from critiquing others work too.

The only way to keep getting better at the craft is to write and keep on writing. Critiquing and gaining feedback is part of that.

Okay - I'll get off my soapbox for the moment now. But only for now :)

Good luck with your submissions.

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