Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween - Unfortunately I still have no time to write

My time for writing has become extremely limited over the last few weeks and will continue to get squeezed in the months ahead.

I currently have 10 pieces out in the market awaiting a response from learned editors everywhere. I have another 12 or so pieces in various states including my ebook and my novel.

I have sent 5 pieces out at the beginning of this week alone. Unfortunately I have gone from an allocated minimum of 4 hours a night to be lucky to get in 30 minutes.

If I spend that 30 minutes blogging or updating my website, then I don't write so my blogging has reduced considerably.

Part of the problem is I'm currently a single dad for all intensive purposes. I have three kids at home and work full time, although I do work from home for two out of five days. I now fully appreciate all the work my wife does in regards to running the household. I will, in future, do my utmost to share that burden. I humbly suggest all you men out there do the same, regardless of how good you currently have it. Helping out a little can only make things better for you and your significant other. Say and do the right things and who knows what rewards you'll receive ;)

Unfortunately I haven't gotten to "Confused Love" yet this week, but it is next on the agenda. All the erotica has gone out to market as well as resubmitting EULA. Tonight is one of those rare nights when I don't have a lot trying to take my writing time away from me so "Confused Love" will be at least fully edited tonight.

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