Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The best part about getting sick

I have been at home all week, full of a particularly nasty flu which is continually trying to extract a lung through my throat. My nose is useless for anything other than blowing and sleep is a distant memory - not a nice picture.

But - I have plenty of time to write. I can only write in relatively short bursts as I need to nap often and I need to log into work on occasion so I'm not writing in the 6 hour blocks I normally do of an evening, but I am getting close to a dozen blacks of around an hour each in. So now I'm writing 10 hours a day or doing something to do with my writing during those times - researching, reading, editing, etc.

When I lie down to have a nap, my head is full of ideas to mull over which I launch into when I get up. Being ill shouldn't mean just wallowing in self pity and allowing your writing to grind to a halt. If anything, it gives you more time to indulge in our passion.

I hope this entry finds you full of good health and cheer but if it doesn't, then use the time to do something for yourself - write.

Good luck with your submissions.

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