Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WIP Wednesday

God knows at the moment.

My day off has turned out to be anything but. The better half and I ran around doing stuff for most of the day. We planned some future reno improvements, did some shopping, sorted out the tax (by the way, it cost me over 2k in my efforts to be a writer in the last financial year! Glad we're not in this for the money...).

After picking up the kids from school, I got a phone call from work. Something had gone belly up and nobody else knew how to fix things. They say if you're irreplaceable, you're also not able to be promoted. Not good.

So I reluctantly arrived at work at 4:00 in the afternoon (my normal knock off time). It has just gone 7PM and I'm still here trying to fix things and look like being here for sometime to come.

In an earlier post I waxed lyrical how life would be wonderful if I could just work at night...need to be careful about what I wish for in future. How about 'Wouldn't it be wonderful to win lotto and gain a book deal!' - we shall see!

So, I've added a little over 4k this week, which brings me somewhere over the 35, maybe 38% mark. I can't remember exactly and will have to update tomorrow so if you're hanging out for the Bean - sorry - later.

Just waiting on a server to finish rebooting and I'm back into it.

Hope your evening has been better than mine.


I'm finally home and in front of the laptop. Things are still a mess at work but it can wait till tomorrow. I work to live, not the other way round.

This week I added a total of 4038 words. I'd hoped to do a lot more than this as the total is the result of one really good writing session. One or two more would have been nice. It seems I didn't quite make the 35% I stated earlier although my spreadsheet begs to differ - doesn't matter.

So, without further ado, for all of you who have waited with baited breath, here's the legume you've all come to love:


  1. My evening stunk as well. Maybe we could start a club.

  2. 4K in a week is pretty darn respectable for a busy man. Hope today runs smoothly.

  3. Mr. Bean looks so stressed and yet he's doing so well. Next time you're off work take the phone off the hook.

  4. I wait for the day when ladies start throwing panties at him ; )

  5. I'd like to apply for membership in the stinking day club as well please. Today is my day off, and my work phone has been ringing off the hook.

  6. Yay for you and Yay for the bean. My evening was a non-event, I fell asleep on the couch and missed My Name is Earl and didn't get any writing done.

  7. I refuse to create the stinking day club - I don't need encouragement to whinge. I seem to be doing enough of that already. Time for some positive vibes--and when you find some, please send them this way.

    Cate - unfortunately being on call is part of why they pay me the big bucks. At least I fixed the issue today so I'm back to only treacherous waters at work as opposed to getting a good seat on the Titanic.

    Nat - I'm sure Nathan is as well...he's got a long wait.

    D - Nothing wrong with sleep. You can send some of that this way as well ;c)

  8. If I got a call like that from work, I'd be tempted to just hang up on them and later claim my phone malfunctioned. I'm glad you got it sorted and that's great about your word count!


    Hope this works!

  10. KC - I'm thinking about turning it off and claiming I forgot to charge it.

    Nat - I shall check it out when I get home. Youtube doesn't work for me at work :c(

  11. Ugh, gross about the evening. I do prefer to work in evening, or at least late afternoon, but when it's not what you're used to, ugh.

    But the bean is looking good, dude. We're all in this together... as much as writers can be.