Monday, August 31, 2009

Eye Of Fire e-zine

From the dedicated people who brought you BLACK: Australian Dark Culture magazine, Eye of Fire e-zine is now available to whet your appetite while the online version awaits the webmaster's skilful suturing.

Issue #1 (Aug 09) brings you the same great content you came to expect from the print magazine, with subjects as varied as:

- Black Magazine Update

- The Zombie Invasion of mainstream literature!

- Interviews with paranormal fiction superstar Charlaine Harris and steampunk sensation Richard Harland.

- Pulp Horror! Australia’s lurid literary past

- Publishing, Awards, and Convention news.

- The latest book and movie reviews.

- Win free DVDs, movie tickets, and books!

- Free fiction from Shane Jiraiya Cummings’ new book Shards.

- Dark and Alternative Business Directory

- Brimstone Press Catalogue

and can be downloaded as a free .pdf (~4.2mb) from

We hope you enjoy our interim offering and invite you to provide feedback or request specific topics by emailing


  1. That looks most excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tray correct, Bill.

    Sorry, slipped into Bill and Ted then. Couldn't help myself.

    But you are correct. This is the print mag I did reviews for which is now to become an online zine.

    As I'm sure you'll agree, the layout is exceptional for a free zine, and the content will always be dark and very very cool.

    Everyone who comes here should be subscribing to this one.

  3. I haven't read the whole thing but the article on zombies was pretty cool.

  4. For anyone who didn't get the first three issues of Black magazine, some of the articles in here are reprints, some are new. The short from Shane is new (I have the book on my to read pile so you're reading it even before I get a chance). The layout and presentation are very new and very cool.

    And all it costs is a download.

    Okay, I'll stop pimping now...