Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little Bit More

Last night I did my slush reading which was an interesting return to normality. Again I didn't recommend anything but at least one of the offerings was close. Maybe next month.

Today I managed a couple of things. I trimmed down the number of blogs in my Google Reader to an even 50. Many of the industry blogs I only skim anyway so I figure I can live without them until I start to look at peddling my manuscript around the place. Speaking of which, I added another 1200 or so words to that tonight.

You'll be happy to know our boy has progressed and actually kissed our girl on the top of the head as they consoled each other after witnessing two murders (via a type of CCTV link my boy genius rigged up, but two teens seeing anyone shot would be traumatic I think). I just couldn't see him not doing it, but then that may be a little too much of me coming through. We'll see if it makes it past the next round of edits.

I've got a flex day off work tomorrow. The better half and I have some things to do but I might get a chance to do a little bit more before I post this weeks WIP Wednesday update. A smidgen over 4k added this week so I'm happy either way.

Lastly, I had to work back late tonight to tie up a few loose ends (which didn't happen as everything turned to Shite) and on the drive home I had a strange circular patch of fog appear on my windscreen, right in my line of sight. Driving home, after sunset, pitch black outside, a car a little way behind me shining its headlights into my interior and lighting up this tennis ball size patch of fogged up window set off the muse.

I've added a new story idea to the idea file and this one has some legs. I've jotted down the premise and must say I kind of like it. It's dark, has tension, but I'm not sure if it will be a happy ending yet. I don't even know what sort of length I'm looking at, but I know I can't work on a long piece at the same time as anything else. I've tried it in the past and it doesn't mesh well for me so into park within the ideas file it goes - for now.

I'm just happy to know the muse isn't totally stuck in one gear.


  1. Sounds to me like your muse was trying to get you killed - they can be awkward blighters at time. (Did I sound really British then? I felt really British.)

  2. I have a feeling your female is going to have to man up and make the first big move. I say grab his ass and let the magic happen!

  3. Man, I love it when story ideas come along like that!

  4. Awesome! I'm glad you're feeling more positive, and the story idea sounds great.

    I'd say a little kiss on the top of the head is a good step. As long as the girl didn't jerk her head up in surprise and give him a split lip.

  5. Awesome, BT! :)

    I like that, kiss on the top of the head. It's sweet, sets the beginning of something, but also in a platonic kinda way.

    I like. :)