Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He's A Very Naughty Boy

Well, I may not be the Messiah, but I have been a naughty blogger. I've not been posting or commenting on other blogs for purely selfish reasons.

I've been reading and writing. Honestly, I have.

I've almost completed 20% of my YA novel and I finished reading the Barclay novel. I've moved immediately onto the fourth Dexter novel which I hope to complete this week, and then I'll have two left to do for HorrorScope - hopefully by the end of this month.

Then I've been lucky enough to be asked to read and review for another independently published author - cool.

I've also got a first chapter to read for another writer - it's hard to be this popular...

As if...

I've got tax stuff to sort out, cricket season looming large, the EPL starting up again, the Ashes and a warm fuzzy feeling about the YA thing I'm currently working on which needs a title. I'm playing around with a few but nothing has struck home yet. Maybe Jason had the right idea in calling his secret project Fred for the sake of having something to call it other than 'The Secret Project'! Any and all witty suggestions are welcome.

As for being naughty: I lurk in the background and read the new posts in the 80 or so blogs I follow and then get back to work (Google Reader is wonderful for keeping me organised). Very occasionally, I comment. I should do more, but then if it's a toss up between writing, reading, spending time doing stuff I enjoy off the computer, spending time with family or blogging - blogging loses - I'm becoming okay with that.


  1. 80 blogs, hell, and I thought I read a lot.

  2. Always look on the bright side of life *whistles*

  3. 80!? Not enough! We all sleep too much anyway...

  4. 80! Don't you want to haggle? 80 for this you must be mad. ;-) Man, I love this movie.

  5. Save yourself I say.

    And you can never have too many Monty Python references. I mean what have the Romans done for us???

  6. Pretty decent excuses. You sound like you're right into that novel at an impressive pace too.

    I'm starting to comment less too. Still comment but realising that commenting for the sake of letting someone know you've read their post - and maybe they'll comment back, doesn't work.

  7. I am so glad you are finding happiness in your YA endeavor. Sounds like a smashing start to the project.

  8. We understand, we're all writers here. Your writing must come first, good luck.

  9. Ah, Fred. My personal mill-stone :-) Yes, I find it helps to personify the unpersonifyable (?)

    That's a crazy amount of blogs! I'm the first to admit that blogs are a time-sink, but they have their uses :-)

  10. I *wondered* why I hadn't heard from you in a while... now I know! : ) Eighty blogs is just crazy!

  11. Yes, 80 is crazy and way too much - I am constantly on the look out for blogs to cull so keep yours interesting and predominantly about writing, or it goes by the way side.

    And I'm sorry, Pharo - email on its way to you now.

  12. I'd like to think it's the summer busyness that's keeping me from being more verbal on the blogs.

    Sadly, I think it's actually Twitter that has me addicted. o_~

    I promise to get better with it. hehehe