Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Musings Everywhere

I like the Internet. I like the ease with which I can spread my words all over - I feel like a huge flock of pigeons circling over clean washing. Ready, Aim , Fire!

When I click on 'Publish Post', this small entry in my blog, hosted by blogger.com, will zoom off to a number of different places.

Here at blogger.com (aka Musings Of An Aussie Writer)
Over at Wordpress (brentontomlinson.wordpress.com aka Musings Of An Aussie Writer)
On Darklands (BT's Page)
And Facebook (Brenton Tomlinson)

If you care to befriend me on any of these places, feel free. Go ahead and leave comments if such is your whim, join the communities if you haven't as of yet, or create a new presence to host your words of wisdom and further spread your fame (if not your fortune).

You would also be aware that pigeons are considered flying rats in many parts of the world...


  1. In others they are regarded as a delicacy, and are central to some very fine recipes. (Either way, they get it in the neck...)

  2. I took down the wash before clicking on your post. :) It is amazing though...I've *met* so many people this way, had the opportunity to read stories, like yours, that I wouldn't have been aware of if not for the internet.

  3. Ian - not a snowball's chance would I ever eat one.

    Laura - Just don't get so addicted to networking that it takes away from writing. It's one reason I refuse to Twitter.

    Nat - as I said I felt like a flock of pigeons, I shall take that as a round-about way of giving me a compliment - I have moxy! Yeah, baby!

  4. I've been resisting Facebook. My mom uses Facebook, nuff said.

    I find Twitter the least time-wasting of all my online activities, actually. Of course, I don't follow very many people.

  5. I didn't know you were on Wordpress.com. Do you publish all of your posts there?

  6. Ben - that's the beauty of it,. everything I post here, goes to all of the above places. (Sick looking new avatar by the way :c))

  7. Cheers. The new avvie is part of the new look.