Friday, August 28, 2009

Awards x 2

There is a conspiracy afoot. Women of the web have decided male blogs are crying out for their feminine touch, their certain flair, to make them a little more female friendly.

Or maybe some women I know have decided to be very nice and just award me with a very much needed ego boost.

Either way, the result is more pink on a decidedly unpink blog.

Now, I'm not against a man wearing pink - as long as he stays way over there on the other side of the room. Just kidding. I once owned a pink shirt and know some trendy individuals who actually wear one in public. I'm not against snags, or Korean boyband members, I just don't want to be 'against' one. ;c) I'm just not built that way.

As for the knew I'd get there eventually - right?

The beautiful and wonderfully talented Ms Danielle Ferries awarded me the 'One Lovely Blog Award, pictured right.

Aspersions of me doing strange and wonderful things to the award badge have been cast (and to be honest, considered), but I have come to the conclusion it would down play the thoughtfulness of those who have bestowed it on me - and that just wouldn't do.

So here is the badge in all it's pink glory with tea cup intact.

And now, as these things inevitably go, I must pass the torch (or tea cup in this case) to another worthy recipient. As I have in times gone past, I look for somebody who hasn't received many awards, someone whose star needs to be acknowledged and brought to the attention of others. And preferably someone who has never had a tea cup on their blog before. I give you L. R Bonehill. You think a pretty pink cup looks out of place on my blog, let's see what the Bonehill does with it ;c)

Next cab off the rank is from the talented, and strangely feline looking, Laura Eno with yet another wonderfully pink award, but this one has a bit of work attached to it. I'm guessing it also inspired her latest #FridayFlash piece titled The Teacup.

First, I'm supposed to nominate the next seven recipients of the award, so, in no particular order:

Talie Helene; Jodi Lee; Jason Fischer; K V Taylor; K C Shaw; Alan Baxter - hang on, how many is that? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - I need to pick one more...

And the final recipient can be none other than Anton Gully! You didn't really think you'd get away with that excuse on Laura's blog...did you? ;c)

As I said, this award takes some work as there is also a second bit which I'm going to admit to struggling with, which may sound strange coming from a writer and someone who reviews all sorts of books. My problem is I rarely remember author's names or the titles of books. I know, throw stones and other hard and sharp objects as you see fit. Anyway, the second part requires me to list seven favourite mystery writers. Naturally, I'm going with mainly dark mystery type titles. In no particular order:

David Wellington; Alexandra Sokoloff; John Saul; Thomas Harris; William Peter Blatty; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Alfred Hitchcock.

Not a bad list of old, not so old, and fairly new authors.


  1. Think yourself lucky you're not a foxy rehead .

  2. I hope you've pointed out all your awards to your non-writing friends. ;)

  3. Goodness. Seems like the blogosphere has been assaulted with awards these days. Congrats!

  4. The pink, the pink!!!

    *covers eyes and writhes on the floor*

  5. Congratulations, and wow - thanks, BT! *hugs*

    LOLs at Nat...

  6. Well, you handled the whole pink thing very well. I know it's sometimes difficult to let the softer side show. My brother wears a very pink tie on a regular basis, just to shock people. Anyway, Congrats on all the awards!

    Joan De La Haye

  7. Congrats on your awards! I hope you won't be nervous the next time you have to travel.


    (No pink was used in the formation of this comment)

  8. Award graciously accepted over here.

    But there's a problem...

  9. Cheers, BT - pink it is then. Thanks for recognising the beauty of my blog.

  10. Anton - I count my lucky stars every day. As for the problem...I shall just lift the bat and let t6hat one go through to the keeper (and probably get bowled like the rest of our cricketers).

    Cate - The blog is mirrored everywhere. If they don't know, it's not from a lack of trying on my part.

    Nat - it's okay, I was made vision impaired ages ago by some Korean Boy bands. Thanks to you, I was saved from the cruel punishment of all the pink ;c)

    Thanks again to Laura and D for the awards and congrats to everyone who have been included in the next round of sharing.

    No doubt, more to come at some point...