Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Writing Day

Little one has been home with a cold this week (just for something different), so I stayed home with her Wednesday and again today. Mum stayed with her yesterday allowing me to go to work.

Anyway, today we created two Pokemon card decks for her to have a go with at school (when she returns). And I also managed to get some writing done.

I went back to the beginning and went through a couple of things, adding in plants for things to make sense a chapter or two later, caught a misdirection in regards to where a bedroom was in a house (it was upstairs in one chapter and downstairs a couple of chapters later).

I also finished off the chapter I was writing last time I visited the WIP, and felt so much in the groove I just went ahead and wrote the next chapter as well.

All up, I've managed a respectable 2860 words today, and, more importantly, I'm quite happy with them.

And for those of you who want to know - a wink is not as good as a kiss...and now my main male character knows that as well...poor fella. Maybe one day he'll get there.


  1. A wink is only as good as a kiss, if your spelling is really atrocious.

  2. One of these days your MC will get laid.

  3. Haha best wishes to the MC-- a kiss is most definitely better. Congratulations on your productive day, and the creation of two Pokemon decks. (Never played it, but I used to like playing Magic just because I liked organizing a deck. Yep, I'm that nerdy.)

  4. Maybe next week he'll get to second base... ;)

  5. A wink is still better than a "good effort" followed by a pat on the back.

  6. I'm with Natalie there. I'd take the wink, given the option.

  7. Anton - yeah, I know it's not quite a nod, but the gist is the same :c)

    Jamie - not for a couple of books at least.

    Katey - I was a big Magic player and collector. Had thousands of the things. (Spent thousands of dollars as well)

    Cate - no plan for him to get to second base at all, in this book...

    Nat, Aaron - Unfortunately, my lead female wasn't happy with getting a wink when she'd prepared herself for their first kiss. She was definitely not impressed - which left MC with all sorts of confusion while he's in the middle of following the bad guys and having just escaped being discovered where he wasn't supposed to have been. Life just doesn't seem fair for MC at the moment. With the requirement he witness the death of two men in the near future, it doesn't look like it's going to get any better for him either...

    Gotta love writing...