Saturday, August 1, 2009

Attention Everyone

Pill Hill Press has new guidelines!

Now everyone can submit. The issue was apparently payment. They were not setup with Paypal?! Now they are - so let the submissions roll!

Good luck.


  1. Excellent. I have a story currently out somewhere else that would be perfect for this. If it gets rejected from the current place I'll certainly try for this anthology.

    Thanks BT.

  2. Neat! I'm glad they're open to everyone now : )

  3. Woot, woot, woot... Oh crap, do I have to write something now?

  4. "Arial, Times New Roman or Courier New fonts only"

    Cheeses, I have a perfectly brilliant novella I want to submit but it's written in WingDings. Darnit,

  5. Wow. I realised that my story was already past the consideration date at the other place, so I sent it directly on to this anthology. I thought it was a perfect fit. I got the rejection already! Sent on the first, rejected by the eighth.