Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WIP Wednesday

It's Tuesday night - it'll be Wednesday in a little over an hour - close enough.

This week I've had two writing sessions on my WIP and managed to add a little under 2500 words. Pitiful, but 2500 words is a sizable step in a YA novel. Bringing down targets from 80-100k to less than 60k just seems to make the whole thing that much more achievable - not easier, just more within reach (if that makes sense).

On a side note: a great deal of this manuscript to this point has been dialogue. There have been descriptive narrative in places (obviously), but a lot happens with dialogue. I'm just about to move into a section where there is much less dialogue but much more interaction between my two main characters - ah, young love - how insecure and awkward we all once were - this should be fun. Not sure yet if I'm going to let my guy get a kiss or save that for much later. How many guys vote for him missing the signals and then just running out of time as the moment passes by them?

I still can't bring myself to throw up some examples. Call me insecure, but I need them to go through my normal vetting process before I let anyone read any part of them, and that won't happen until I've finished writing all of it and done my own revision. The process then involves my wife, then Pharo, and then my beta readers. Then I might reveal some snippets. Sorry.

Oh, I am getting closer to a title. Currently the WIP Title is 'Nathan Steele: Book One'. I'm considering titles which will play on his name, like 'Steele Trap', Steele Home', 'Steele Cap', and a number of other plays on it but nothing has quite hit the right spot. I know you have no idea on the plot or premise, but I'm thinking the ongoing series will continue this theme so any and all plays on the name may come in handy in the future. Remember it's a YA series so keep it clean, people ;c)

With nothing else to say - cue the bean...


  1. Blue Steele
    Cold Steele
    I could go on. It looks like you are making good progress and I would personally vote to have him miss the clues about the first kiss and save it for later. Either that or have it be so awkward that it provides tension for a good subplot.

  2. That makes me think of Alan Steel, the (second, I think) dude from those Italian Hercules movies. Those are awesome! Hmm, wait, that's not very helpful, is it?

    Good progress, man. We all need to either feel secure, or just be shameless to put up little excerpts. I'm obviously in the latter camp, but the former is way more respectable. Certainly nothing to apologize for, though of course I'd love to see some. Because I'm nosy like that :D

  3. Nice progress, and yeah those YA word counts make the end seem that little bit more attainable.

    I say put the title to the back of your mind and it will creep up on you when you least expect it.

  4. Ah, mixed singles. Is there anything more erotically hilarious?

  5. Jamie - good suggestions - please do go on, and on, and on - be my guest.

    Katey - I want to share - really I do, but just not yet...

    Cate - Not over-obsessing about the title. I figure something will happen during the writing which will leap out at me. I just like the idea of a title which will run through the series. We'll see.

    Nat - okay, it's not homosexual Asian men in spandex, but a straight laced geek and an out there Goth chick will allow for some fun as it unravels. They make a good team, and it might help me depict, and bust open, terrible stereotypes. Maybe I'll introduce an Ozama look-a-like in book two ;c)

    KC - my blog posts go on Facebook automatically and I accept friends invitations when they appear. I ignore just about everything else. I end up spending very little time on there. After listening to Cate, I'll not be going anywhere near Twitter... ;c)

  6. I like Jamie's suggestion, especially Blue Steele. But then, I'm hopeless at titles.

    And yeah, Cate is the Twitter Champion of the World. :)