Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: Dexter by Design

I've finished reading Dexter by Design and have posted my review of it on HorrorScope. A very good book and an excellent addition to the franchise - easily the best book out of the four I've read, although that could be because the third was the worst and I have been easily impressed by the return to normal programing that this one delivers.

Anyway, at the time of reading, I've given this book a rating of 4.0 - high praise from me.

Oh dear, The Grave Thief by Tom Lloyd - the third book in the Twilight Reign series. On it's own it stands at 488 pages! There is a Dramatis Personae Index at the back of the book which encompasses 7 and a half pages! A true cast of thousands.
No rest for the wicked...

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