Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things I Hate

Query letters: although I'm getting the hang of these the more I work at it. In time I think these will just be something else I need to do.

Synopsis: if I write until I'm 103, I will never get the hang of this. I've read all sorts of advice; I'm still trolling through websites looking for a better way.

I need to produce a synopsis of AKL of 3-5 pages in length. Currently my synopsis stands at 7 pages! It doesn't yet include all the Aboriginal flavour I want, it doesn't have all the passion and romance I want, and it doesn't have the plants for the paranormal in the first half of it because I haven't done that yet.

This assignment, and this synopsis in particular - sucks!

And I still have a sample chapter to polish and send with them yet...

I hate, I hate, I hate...


  1. Relax, BT, it's Saturday night. Have a beer. I'd have one too but it's just past 8am here. People might talk.

    I sympathise with you on the dilema of having to simultaneously add to and slash from your synopsis. From the recent weeks of reading your blog I've found that you always seem to come up with a solution while under pressure.

  2. That's very kind of you say that, Alan. And having read a touch further on my assignment requirements, I've now discovered I need to present the query letter and the synopsis within a 1500 word limit.

    Currently I stand at 2362!

    I have to cut three pages from my synopsis - &$#@!

  3. It is just past 7:30 am here but I will have a beer with you anyway. It might just be finding better words to describe phrases instead of descriptive passages. I don't know, I haven't read it, but that is usually where I find I can cut words by the dozen.

    Here I talk about having a beer this early in the morning and the verfi word is sobrr.

  4. Funny - I'm trying a completely different approach. I write about 400 words and then start to drift off on too much detail.

    Time for that beer (bourbon) and to watch the FA Cup final - go Everton! (I'm a United fan who just doesn't want to see Liverpool win - sorry Cate. Plus Tim Cahill plays for Everton)

    Wholly bat droppings!

    I just saw my counter - over 10,000 visitors! whoohoo!

  5. Suddenly I am in no hurry to finish "Bucky's Luck" : P

    Can you imagine if we had to go through that madness for SHORT stories?

  6. Hey Brenton,

    Off topic a bit here but I was wondering what kind of student card you're going to get for the Natcon. I, myself, need to get in 'on the cheap'. :) I study IT full time but I'm not on Austudy ... is there an alternative I can get?

    Will be seeing you next week ...

    Matthew Tait

  7. Serenity now!

    BTW - the Beta version is FlashWRITER is out. Pop into my blog to download.

    Any feedback appreciated.

  8. Matt - I'm an external student at TAFE, so I just applied through there. I don't get Austudy of any kind. I'd be checking with the institution you are doing your IT studies with to see if they offer a student card - otherwise I'm not sure how you move forward. Hope to see you there.

    David - I'll be downloading soon.