Monday, May 11, 2009


Hear that - that was me falling off the wagon. Yep, already.

Today started off badly at work with me arguing with the boss. It put me in a bad mood straight off the bat. I got a bit of normal work done, but not a lot.

So I started writing. I had nothing in mind, just a scene really. I started writing and a character showed up, and then another, and then my ghost (well, sort of a ghost - maybe a ghost with a twist).

2380 words later, and many minor revisions, and careful pondering over sentence structure and word usage (yep, I'm getting to this point earlier and earlier in my drafts - very cool), I've sent it off to my guru for grammar correction and overall comments. And guess what it's called? Go on, guess - no idea?

Worth The Wait.

How apt is that! The struggling for it to come out had nothing to do with the title. In fact it went through all the revisions before I gave it a name. I sat and thought about what its central question was and BINGO - it fits.

I'm glad that's finally out of my head. Now maybe I can get on with my assignment work.


  1. It’s always good when a story comes off the cuff and pretty much writes itself. Doesn’t happen very often (for me, anyway) but when the muse hits like that it’s always worth listening to.

    Arguing with the boss obviously has its uses.

  2. I love it when stories drip from the brain onto the page (Keyboard). Sounds like a fun bit.

  3. : )

    Word verification: Shorml. Sounds like a sci-fi worm.

  4. That's great! I like the title too.

  5. Nice work. It sounds like that story was a spur of the moment inspiration. They're special stories.

  6. It's odd - it's like an overnight singing sensation who has toured small clubs for ten years before being discovered.

    This story has been struggling to surface for over a week. Not long, but then I've been thinking of little else, so that's 24/7 of struggling for over 7 days - try staying awake that long - trust me, it's a long time for a short story to be annoying me with nothing else interrupting it.

    It did prove one thing for me though: I write, therefore I am.

  7. Congrats on the writing storm, I love when that happens! Hope you find a good home for this piece :-)

  8. Hi Jason - sorry for not getting around to saying hi before now - slaps self on wrist - cheers for the good thoughts and straight back at you for your novel writing adventure and for the Ditmar nom.

    Seems you've become a new talent among an amazing group of writers who have struggled for years to burst onto the scene.

  9. No worries, and thanks for your kind words! I'd like to think I'm starting to get somewhere, but of course only time will tell :-)

    Hope to bump into you at the Natcon, not often something like this happens in Adelaide.