Friday, May 22, 2009

Quiet Day

It's been quiet on the writing front yet again today, mainly due to being extremely busy at work. My major project is starting to gain a head of steam and really biting in what free time I once had.

So this evening I've managed only a few things.

I've progressed halfway through reading Issue 5 of NT.
I've critiqued one story for a friend.
Done some edits on Worth the Wait after feedback from others.

This weekend I must:

Finish reading the back catalogue for NT.
Do at least one, preferably two assignments
Send off Worth the Wait

Sunday I'm doing some overtime at work. That could drastically cut into my writing time this weekend - we'll see.


  1. So calling in to the Werepig would be straight out? Especially since I think you'd be asleep and all ; )

  2. Sorry, Nat. I always have to catch it second hand :c(