Monday, May 11, 2009

52 Stitches

Okay, most would think a recommendation from a fellow inclusion in any anthology may be a little on the biased side. This is not one of those times.

All of the stories I've read so far in 52 Stitches have been worth the read. Some have been downright disturbing. But if this week's story is any indication of what's to come, then I wait in growing anticipation.

Mother's Love by L. R. Bonehill is outstanding. I could go on, but there is no need. I have provided you with a link, go read it for yourself.

And do yourself a favour and read those that came before it. If dark is your preference, then you're sure to find something to your liking. Make sure to bookmark the site and visit every week for a top up.


  1. Wow, thanks for the link. That's an awesome piece. Really dark.

    I think I might subscribe to that blog. Pity they're closed to submissions though.

  2. Hey, BT – I was just dropping by to say how much I appreciate your comments over at 52 Stitches and... wow... better say thanks for the comments here too. Glad you liked the story and thanks for the support.

    Also, couldn’t agree more re the rest of 52 Stitches. It’s been a mixed bag so far (I mean that in a good way) and every week I look forward to the next installment. Anyone out there who doesn’t read it already, please do (and catch up with the first few months too while you’re at it). You won’t be disappointed, believe me.

  3. I think this week's was by far the most disturbing yet.

  4. Ben - the pity is you didn't find my blog sooner or you'd have known about the market when they were accepting submissions last year.

    If it's deemed a success, it wouldn't surprise me if they do it again next year - watch this space.

    L.R. - You are now on my radar. I've been very impressed with your first two pieces. Honesty is one of my flaw/strength type things; a double edged sword. Problem now is, I expect you to keep impressing me...

    Jodi - agreed. I'm now worried mine will pale in comparison when it comes out next month. Hopefully everyone will have forgotten the power of this one by then...

  5. Honesty is definitely a strength when it comes to this writing game, BT – that’s why we all need a thick skin. Helps us take the knocks on the chin when we have to.

    So, my turn to be honest: don’t think I can keep up the pace of the 52 Stitches pieces. I’ll try, but…

    Anyway, looking forward to reading yours next month.