Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joy To The World

Yep - I'm back and just about in the pink. Sleeping Monday and Tuesday away must have done me the world of good - for one thing, I've stopped dripping - that's a good thing, isn't it?

And I've also got a couple of new goals to aim for.

First up, I'm still going to get my assignments done and get this diploma within the minimum four year timeline. Apparently not many do, so I want that.

While doing that, I will finish and submit AKL.

I've also got to finish editing Worth the Wait and submit that (hopefully this week).

And of course I'll continue to write book reviews, which also means I'll continue to read.

But wait, there's more: my two new goals!

I have selected two markets to study, figure out and get published by so I can add their prestigious names to my bio.

What markets, I hear you cry - well, I'm glad you asked.

Jodi Lee, I warned you I was going to take a closer look at New Bedlam, and the other you're already aware of, I'm now targeting Necrotic Tissue.

So to this end, I have a huge amount of reading on plate.

I am already reading through the back issues of Necrotic Tissue. I will be reading the New Bedlam Magazine. I will be reading and reviewing Atrum Tempestas and seven other titles soon to be delivered to my door (I love my job as a reviewer - most of the time).

And that's it.

That's enough, I hear you cry again. Not really. The assignment stuff is one a week, maybe two. I only have 5 left to submit, of which 1 is already done, and the rest should be easy enough (famous last words anyone?).

I've read 4/6 issues of NT - so only two left there. New Bedlam is only one issue so far so that should be quick enough (although it will need a little savouring to get right). Two of my reviews are anthologies, and short stories are always an easy read. Two more are based on Dexter the TV series (I think) so that should have a novelty factor and also be a quick read. And three books with no real deadline although they'll probably be done by the end of July.

Worth the Wait will go out this week, leaving only AKL (again). Sunday evening must be AKL day. I keep getting sidetracked and I need to move forward on this project. It's not that I'm stuck, the outline has been done. It's just waiting for me to fill it in so no more procrastinating.

So, there you go. Out of the depths of despair and illness and into the work load once more.

Now I need to polish up a 100 word story that wouldn't let me sleep last night, but didn't fully form until I woke up this morning.

So what are your short term goals for the next month or two?


  1. Two fabulous markets, good luck.

    Oh, and I'm still dripping. ;)

  2. So glad I don't drip. My only goal is to submit a book query by the end of July. I know, I'm pacing myself.

  3. Good grief, you came back with a bang!

  4. Glad to hear that you're feeling better and not dripping.

    Of course, I don't even want to know what you HAD been dripping...:)

  5. Yes, its good. There's nothing worse than dripping. And now after reading your blog I'm going to go off and have a kip. I don't know how you do it :)

  6. Cate - I'm kind of sorry to hear you're still dripping, although my mind is taking me to wonderful places with the imagery. I was put immediately onto a course of antibiotics to stop the drip.

    Jamie - nothing wrong with pacing. I just wish my pacing was a little more subdued than it is. I'm sure I don't spend enough time with my family, but then I worry I'm not doing enough on my writing. A delicate balancing act. Mind you, when I do have a night off, no one in this family wants to do anything with me anyway :c(

    D - It's not that bad, as I tried to explain. Most of it's done or being done, or is only reading. You'll notice no plans for new anthologies or contests. Pretty much just more of the same.

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better-no dripping is always good. ;)

    You'll love NT! I can't wait to see it in print, too.

    Since Sunday, I've had a rush of submissions for New Bedlam. I am really loving the way folks are almost immediately picking up on the vibe NB is meant to have. :) I know you'll see it...

  8. Wow, impressive goals.

    My goals for the next month or two is to plan my short 'All Fascists are Zombies!', maybe write some more flash and get to editing one of the first drafts that I've forgotten about.

  9. Jodi - I've always been a fan of NT since it first came out, but I never really studied it. Now I'm really understanding the type of stuff they publish and think I am more than capable of doing it their way.

    As for NB. I'm really hoping to get it this time round. Just between you me and the world, I submitted something to the first antho and didn't make the cut - and rightfully so because that story was all kinds of cliché and utter crap (just quietly). I've improved, I think. Now I just need to read your first issue to nail what you're after.

    Ben - get a move on lad, I want to see some of your work published somewhere, and watch you go off.

  10. I submitted to Midnight Echo the other day. I posted about it everything.