Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Assignment Done

So far, so good. Most of my prep work for my project is fitting in around me instead of the other way round.

Today, while three servers were being built, I managed to knock off assignment 7 for my script module and assignment 8 was done last week (I'm waiting on the lecturer to catchup again now). So this module is done. Cool! And it looks like another credit in the bag. Double cool!

That leaves me three assignments to do on the novel writing module and about six weeks to do them in, I think.

The 100 worder has been done and tucked away. Necrotic Tissue is closed to subs until July :c(

I figure I'll be able to wrap up this semester, get a good chunk done on AKL, and then worry about a submission for NT when reading opens (or perhaps get cracking on one just before it opens).

So while I wait on these servers. I think some more reading is in order. NT issue 5 anyone?


  1. Have you read issue three? "Losing Face in Kwai Chung" is still my favorite of all the stories I've written : )

  2. I loved saving face, Nat. I've finished reading up to the end of issue 4 so far. I'm hoping to finish the final two PDF issues over the next day or so.

  3. I actually sent NT a story during their last reading period. Since Duotrope is listing a ton of replies (including an acceptance for Natalie, I see!), I'm nervously checking my emails every two seconds.

  4. Fingers crossed for you KC