Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Boy

Today was a good day, and very indicative of why I'd love to be a full time writer.

To begin with, my little girl is on the mend. A day of rest seems to have done her the world of good.

I promised to get some assignment work done today, so after we returned from the doctor's office, I got my little one some lunch, set her up in front of the fire and the TV with her quilt in place, and got stuck in.

The results:

Script Writing Module
Assignment 6 - draft 90% complete. Just need to reduce a four page treatment to a three page treatment. Not sure what a treatment is? Think synopsis with more focus on characters emotions and motivations - and just as hard to write. I've manged to write a one page synopsis and a one line synopsis.
Assignment 7 - draft 50% done. I needed to take my painstakingly written six page script (remember that one), transfer it from the script writing software to a MS Word document in preparation for editing. Of course it lost all the formatting so I had to fluff around with that. It is now ready to be redone, this time with no length limitations so it can be done properly. I also need to take into account the lecturers comments on the six page script and incorporate them (brownie points).
Assignment 8 - final 100% complete. I found I could not write the synopsis and treatment without writing the actual script - so I did. Of course I can't write a script without first having the story written out in prose form, but I was lucky there. This is all based on a story I already had. Cool.

Novel Writing Module

Assignment 6, 7, 8
I've read all the assignment requirements and I'm now gathering them together.

For assignment 6 I need to present a 750 word extract from AKL which will provoke a strong emotional response from readers - the rape scene should do that. I then have to provide an excerpt from someone elses novel which has a specific mood and discuss that in less than 250 words. That should be simple. I've been using Alexandra Sokoloff's 'The Harrowing' for this purpose to this point. I already know which section I'll be providing.

For assignment 7 I need to produce a submission package for a fictitious publishing house. This I haven't looked into yet, but it could be a challenge.

For assignment 8 I need to produce critical feedback from three people on at least a sample chapter of AKL. It also states it should include feedback on any other sections I've already written as well, but as I'm over halfway, I wouldn't expect someone to go to that length over a week or ten days that they'll have to critique it. I also need to provide self analysis and what my future intentions with the WIP is to be - the last two bits won't be difficult.

So that's where I got to with today's work. I imagine I should have all my assignment work completed by June or very soon there after. Now i just need to do some work on a couple of sample chapters to bring AKL up to scratch.

Tonight I'm doing some overdue slush reading.

Here's hoping you had a productive day with your writing endeavours as well.


  1. Good on you for making that day productive. I'm very jealous. I'd love to even have just one day off to work.

    I heard there's been an increase in four day weeks recently because of the recession - that curse could be a gem in disguise.

    I got some stuff done yesterday. Even mention you ;)

  2. Glad to see she's feeling better! Congrats on the productivity-- we live for days like that.

  3. Good to hear the little one is doing better.