Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Night Off

Last night was one of those strange beasties who only come along once in a very long while. I didn't get on the home computer. Yep, I did nothing related to writing at all - not even reading.

I spread out on the bed and watched a couple of episodes of Top Gear, and a double episode of The Tudors. I then watched Fragile with my wife - so I guess you could say I did a little research by watching a horror flick - and pulling it apart as we went. (Not a bad flick, but the best part was the acting of the young girl who plays Maggie. Her facial expressions are amazing to watch and totally believable, which is amazing in itself for one so young)

This morning I found a response from my six page script. After all that struggling, guess what grade it got? Yep, another B. I've submitted 10 assignments this semester. The latest is still out. Of the nine returned, I've received one A and eight Bs. Consistent...

Today, I started work on editing 'Worth The Wait' - and quite like where this is going. Only a few tweaks here and there and she'll be ready for others to see. Strangely while working on this, I suddenly realised I had a plot hole in Spoilt Rotten that nobody else has picked up on yet. I don't have my USB key with me so I'll fix it when I get home.

I have parent/teacher interviews with the lad's teachers tonight - that will be an interesting exercise.

After that, I need to start on another assignment and get that out before the end of the week.

Saturday, I'm hoping to fit in some work on AKL - around the tiling which needs to be finished this weekend. At l;east I don't have any new short stories kicking the inside of my head at the moment.


  1. I googled "Fragile" and am intrigued. Would you say its more psychological fear or gore?

  2. Sometimes those nights of just vegging allow your muse to recoup and come back stronger.

  3. Nat - fragile is neither, really. In the beginning, the bits which make a person squirm are not gore-filled. There are some bits which aren't particularly nice to watch if you have a weak stomach but none of it is blood and guts, more seeing something break and bend the wrong way, like watching a sports man break his leg during a game - that type of thing.

    But it's not really psychological either. It tries to be but it's a long way from a thinking persons film. The thriller bits are somewhat telegraphed - to the point that my wife knew when to cuddle up for protection before it happened. Most of the scares weren't really frightening, and the first reveal of the protag was more weird than scary.

    Put it this way, Calista McBeal was the star. It's almost a throw back to when A grade stars were reduced to working in a TV series and their big chance of a comeback was through a b grade horror flick. This is a B+ at best.

    Maybe I should have just written a review instead of this comment...

  4. I think this has become a recharging period for many of us. Enjoy it before the flood of ideas comes crashing in and we can't seem to find our way from the keyboard.

  5. Nat - that should have been the reveal of the antag - I really should read what I'm about to post as a comment reply.

    Jamie - That's the thing, I know it's coming, it always does, and I look forward to its arrival. I'm no longer scared about where my next idea will come from. It either will or it won't, but I'm pretty confident of the later.

    Besides, I've got my diploma work and AKL to go on with.

    Nope - I'm not worried at all - and it's a very nice feeling ;c)