Sunday, May 24, 2009

Assignments Everywhere

Well, this weekend didn't go to plan, but then, they very rarely do.

I didn't get to the tiling in the bathroom - again.
I didn't get to do much more than read a single chapter of AKL. No new words - again.
No reading - again.
No acceptances or rejections - again.

I got back marks on two assignments for my script writing and was kind of perplexed. Using the lecturers feedback, I edited a previous assignment and got strange comments back about not liking it - I guess she forgot what she said the first time round. Anyway, I got two C's, completely breaking the run of B's, but it doesn't matter. I couldn't get a distinction and unless I completely fail the final assignment (which would require me to resubmit anyway), any grade will get me a credit. Anything from a pass up will make me happy. So the two returns get a shoulder shrug from me.

I've also finished assignment 6 for the novel writing module. As predicted, I've used the rape scene to show mood and to make life easy for me to explain what emotions I'm trying to elicit from the reader or show through the characters. The good part of this selection is it is the end of Act one, so it shows the lowest of lows for one character and the end of a character arc for another. So I'll print this out sometime tomorrow and send it off.

No work tomorrow. I need to go into to town and get a whole heap of things done. Doctor's follow up, book store visit (I'm going to try and not buy anything), and I'm applying for a student ID card. Now that's funny, a 41 year old bloke with a student ID card, it feels like I'm a 16 year old with a fake ID - nobody will buy it.

Now, it's time for some sleep. I did a heap of overtime at work today, so I'm pretty pooped at looking at computer screens all day.

Speak soon.


  1. It has been a slow week here as well. the housework and children are getting in the way of some perfectly good reading and writing time. next week will be better, I hope.

  2. I imagine having children throws any writing schedule into a constant state of chaos. Looking back, I'm surprised that my parents consistently remembered to wear pants.