Friday, January 30, 2009

Something Different

I finished preparations for the new school year yesterday. My website now sits ready to accept my progress through the coming year of study.

I've read about half of the first module. Due to the current heat wave (it got to 45.7 on Wednesday and 44.6 yesterday, well over 40 again today and more to come for the next week or so), I'll have time over the weekend to read the remainder.

Next week I begin the first assignment.

Today I wrote another piece for the Cafe Doom flash challenge. We'll see how that goes. I liked it. It is a definite skill to be able to write a fully fledged story in 350 words or less. I think I got it right this time round.

I updated the market information on the AHWA database. I'm still waiting on a couple of reports to complete it, but the majority of the work required for Feb has been done.

As well as completing my course reading over the weekend, I intend to polish my two current works in progress to the point of being able to send out to my beta readers. On that note, I'm looking for someone who writes dark fiction to swap work with. If I have left a comment on your blog or interacted with you within the comments section of this one, and you would like to swap work on an informal basis - give me a yell.

I have no idea what the schedule is like in anyones life so I'm not going to make specific requests of anybody. If you'd like to give it a shot at working together, I'd be happy to hear from you.

I love my current beta readers to death. They have, and continue to help me immensely, but neither write on the dark side (although some of their work points very much to them dipping in a toe - maybe I'm affecting them with the stuff they have to read of mine...). I'm curious to see what another writer of the dark stuff thinks of my work.

Hoping to speak to at least one of you soon.



  1. Cafe Doom pretty much taught me how to write flash : )

  2. I would be willing to get second opinions on my own work as well. I would be willing to give my own thoughts and opinions on yours.

    One of my first published pieces was a 220 word flash piece in Cerulean Rain, which is a literary magazine.