Monday, January 26, 2009

Comment Response

Too many things to cover so rather than answer individual responses I'll just list them off here.

Felicity: The Blackness Within is the antho you're after. Looks like it could be a good one to aim at.

Cate: I'll add your suggested authors to my reading list. Definitely add Alex to yours. I've just finished reading her first book "The Harrowing" and found it to be deliciously dark, extremely well thought out, and beautifully written. It's getting four stars from me when I do the review. At only 250 or so pages, it's an easy read I knocked off inside a day but that may also be due to the story just pulling me in and not letting go. Highly recommended.

Ben: Good on you for having some pieces in the works. I'm looking forward to reading something of yours.

Jamie & KC: I found it somewhat liberating to finally make a decision on some of the older stuff and finally move on. I've also come to the conclusion I'm all about quality rather than quantity. In my first year I wrote a bad fantasy manuscript and 14 short stories. Last year I wrote about half that plus all my assignments. This year I'll still have the same number of assignments, I'm looking to do the second half of my manuscript but I'll be lucky to do half a dozen shorts. I'm aiming at publications with deadlines down the track a ways to give me ample chance to work on the stories. By next year, I'm guessing I'll be lucky to write a couple of shorts.

The Weather: This week deserves its own comment. Today is forecast to be 35C. Tomorrow, 42C. Wednesday, 41C. Thursday, 42C. Friday, 42C, Saturday, 42C.

By the end of the week, we should have all melted. Nice.


  1. You can send some of that warm weather up north any time now. have a great week and I agree, quality is much better than quantity.

  2. Regarding the picture: She's putting a tracking device in him. Gotta love Hong Kong movies ; )

  3. A tracking device! That's gotta hurt. Does he get to return the favour? ;c)