Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Strange Day

All day I've been thinking about "Dreaming" and considering new names, parts I can improve on, bits that need to be livened up, etc - and yet I've resisted the temptation to do anything. I haven't even looked at it. That's for tomorrow.

Today I went and seen the doctor like a good little boy, not a stubborn man who needs to be strong in the face of mounting pain regardless of the consequences. An Aussie Ocher I'm not, though I still haven't convinced myself of the immediate need for that probing examination...too much information me thinks...

In Australia, having a single doctor you have seen since they brought you into the world is rare. So rare you could probably find more cases of rampant Ebola in the world than Australian's who have only ever seen one doctor in their lifetime. So I tried out a new doctor's surgery down the road which meant a need to bring the friendly doc up-to-date on all my varied complications and my past history as a nurse (so he wouldn't be tempted to try and pass anything off).

Unfortunately this also had the affect of either scaring him or of him simply wanting me gone. His suggestions to my history, and now growing pain in my legs, was to have either a CT scan or go direct to the surgeon, do not pass go, maybe never walk again...

I chose the CT scan. He printed out the form for the scan and then went back to suggesting the surgeon when I reminded him I had pain in different areas of my back requiring a whole spinal scan.

At that point I was thinking I had a stamp on my forehead stating this one was for immediate scrap-heap addition.

I stuck to my guns and got a new form for a full scan. The imaging place was nearby so I figured I'd save myself a phone call and pop in on the way home. It turns out they were having their CT machine replaced - great timing. So my scan is delayed until later this month. I could have gone elsewhere but the next closest imaging place was an hour away. I can live with it for a bit longer, being the big tough Aussie I am...err, no. I meant being the type not wanting to muck anybody around--really.

So when I got home, the wife, the youngest, and I took the dog for a walk. Afterwards, I took up my reading again - 14 chapters down, 36 to go in Christopher Ride's "The Shumann Frequency". I need to finish this soon as the next issue of Black is due out which means a new round of books for review will also be out in the not-too-distant-future. I already know I'll be reading Alex's "The Harrowing" for one of my selections. No doubt there will be at least one or two others.

The family had free reign on the computer today so I didn't have a chance to do anything with Newland, but that's okay - I'm pushing anything with that one. I have my deadline and I'm confident I can reach it.

Lastly, I'm going to take this opportunity to thank everyone who comes here and reads my ramblings. The amount of constant comments I receive make me feel all warm and very much not isolated. The encouragement and thoughtful discussions are wonderful to receive and be a part of. I try my best to do the rounds and read everybody's blogs and post comments when I'm able or have something useful to say. If you're on my sidebar, be sure I do visit at least a couple of times a week, sometimes more. Be very sure you are all very much appreciated.

Speak soon



  1. That sucks about the CT being replaced. At least we are patient people, just as long as everyone hurries up and does as we want them too, NOW!

  2. The blogosphere does wonders for a writer's loneliness. You, me, all of us are in this together.

    Just be big and tough long enough for the machine to be up. ;)

  3. Funny timing, I'm actually heading to the doctors myself in an hour. I caught my partner's flu yesterday and it still hasn't gone.

    And no problems on the comments. I like to think of it as a two-way affair, encouraging each other.

  4. I've lived with increasing discomfort for 13 years - a couple more weeks won't hurt too much. If I'm totally honest, it means that much longer before I find out what else I now have to give up because my back is on the verge of doing something catastrophic.

    Ben - sometimes it's hard to comment on your blog. Religion and politics tend to ruin fledgling friendships and as we haven't even met face to face yet, I have no wish to argue points of philosophy with you. I agree with some things you put across but then there are other things...but I said I wasn't going to go there. ;c)