Sunday, January 25, 2009


My writing has slowed down to a crawl but that's okay. I'm working on two short stories:

Dreaming: For the Apex anthology

Digging up the past: For the Devil's Food anthology

Last week I listed all the current anthologies within Duotrope and went through them one at a time. A couple sparked a minor creative thought but quickly petered out. The Apex anthology gave me an idea that grew and the Devil's Food anthology gave me an interesting idea which prompted a little bit of research, which led into a full blown idea.

I'm going to work slowly on both. We'll see how it goes.

Next: The preliminary ballot phase for The Stoker Awards has been announced. I'd like to congratulate Alexandra Sokoloff for being nominated in the "Superior Achievement in a Novel" category for "The Price" along with such mainstay notables as Stephen King, Jonathon Mayberry, and Brian Keene.

All AHWA members have just been mailed a member's badge to place on their websites and blogs. It has been created by the very talented David Schembri. David is also the Art Director for AHWA own magazine Midnight Echo. I purchased the first issue of the magazine in print so I can testify to David's genius. If you happen to be in the market for artwork for anything, do yourself a favour and contact David to discuss how he can bring your visions to life at


  1. Best of luck with the short stories. I'm happy to say I'm working slowly on a few myself.

    The badge looks good. I think I'll have to add it soon.

  2. Good luck with the stories.

    I'm delighted with the prelimary ballot for the stokers as it includes the brilliant Michael Stone & Joel Sutherland - two writers to watch out for. I'm going to have to add Alexandra Sokoloff to my 'to buy' list - her books look haunting.

  3. Good luck with the pieces you're working on, BT. May I ask - what is the Apex anthology you refer to? I suppose I could just go Google it, but since I'm here... :op

  4. Good luck with the short stories! The Devils Food anthology sounds : )