Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I finally did the research I needed to on snake bites so I could continue with Newland. After my reading I plugged in my USB key to commence writing with the hope of finishing off the current chapter I was working on when I ran into the need for the research in the first place.

To my disappointment, I found I hadn't updated the version of Newland on the flash key. Not happy.

As writers we find enough excuses to put off writing and now I'm all hyped up to continue work and don't have access to it. :c(

I need to continue reading tonight so I won't have an opportunity later to do any work on it either. To put it in a nutshell - I'm somewhat disgusted with myself.

I presented my Prime Reader with "Dreaming" last night but forgot to ask if she'd read it when I got home from the cricket club. She didn't mention it while we were trying to find a few pieces in her jigsaw puzzle before turning in for the night so it either hasn't been read or it was so underwhelming she'd forgotten about it as well.

I've also sent it off to my beta readers but haven't heard anything back (and don't expect to for a little while yet).

I've done the rounds reading my blog feeds and now sit here twiddling my thumbs. The book I'm reading is at home. My draft manuscript is at home. My current short story is out with readers. I'm stuck at work with little or no work to do! What a waste of time.

Think I'll head over to Cafe Doom and see what this weeks flash challenge inspires in me.

Not happy...


  1. That truly stinks. I feel for you.

    If you want to smile the verification word is 'ferks' It is like a new curse words or something.

  2. I hate research *sigh* Things always have more layers than you think they are going to. Although I did have fun researching heroin addiction/usage."

    Me in Barnes and Noble: Excuse me, do you have any books on how to use heroin?

    Employee: I don't think so *reached for silent alarm*

  3. Hey, I'm going to be lurking, too, so maybe we'll run into each other on the shadows.

    If I can do a 10k, anybody can! Seriously, I struggle. But my ipod started playing Meatloaf's "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth" about half a mile from the finish line, so that was motivating.

  4. Streuth - you guys are quick on the comments.

    Ferks: I like. That could very well catch on.

    Sin: That's funny. Don't think I'll go ask at the zoo if they'll allow me to be bitten though. Somewhere along the track I do need to sit down with aboriginal elders though.

    Mercedes - I finally got a look at your picture today. Classy by name and by nature. two probelms with me running a 10K - one my body, especially my legs wouldn't stand up to it, and second, I don't own an ipod...