Friday, January 9, 2009

Market News


Shroud Magazine has decreased its payment upon acceptance of short fiction. From being listed as paying 2-6c/word (US), the guidelines now list the following:

"...beginning immediately (this will not impact issue 4 writers), Shroud will pay a flat rate of $10 for Flash Fiction, $25 for fiction up to 5000 words, and $25 for non-fiction up to 3000 words. Book reviews and other pieces will be discussed with the authors on a case by case basis."

All due to the economy crisis.

Shroud has also instigated reading periods:

FEBRUARY 1st through MARCH 30th, 2009 and then from MAY 1ST THROUGH JUNE 30TH 2009

Submissions received outside of this period will not be read or retained.

Check the guidelines page carefully for this and every market you intend to submit to. Gaining submissions is hard enough without falling over at the first hurdle.

Good luck with all your submissions. May there be acceptances in all your inboxes.



  1. Stupid economy. It will never break my love of horror!

  2. I'm glad Tim has decided to make changes to keep Shroud around, rather than just vanish like other pubs. The economy will get better...eventually...