Sunday, January 4, 2009


The year is already four days old and I haven't posted yet - smack my hand...

The first was set aside to recover from not much sleep over New Years Eve. We had a pleasant evening with friends, didn't drink too much, had a few laughs, but when we finally hit the hay, we had youths carrying on in the park near my house nearly until dawn.

The second just sort of frittered away. We didn't do a lot: took down the Xmas tree, generally tidied up, watched some TV. Nothing particularly productive but it was still nice.

Yesterday I managed to sit down and write a touch over 2400 words in chapter 10 of Newland, but had to stop to do some research on symptoms of a specific snake bite. Got side tracked by the cricket and other things and never ended up doing the research or any further writing.

Today I updated the market hive for AHWA members. Two more markets removed but found two replacements easily enough and noted the updating of web addresses for five other markets which would suggest they are staying around rather than closing the doors. No new pro or semi pro markets though :c(.

Legs are still hurting and I may soon loose my current writing space. Could very well end up squeezed into a tight space pretending to be the young Stephen King. Lets hope it has the same affect on my writing.

The market updating has used up the time my legs allow me to sit and type. Honestly, it's difficult just to write this post without squirming around (and it's far from pleasurable).

So I think I'll spend the rest of the afternoon reading. I've finally found my copy of "The Art and Craft of Feature Writing" which was hiding under another manuscript I've been meaning to get to for review. "The Schumann Frequency" by Christopher Ride was sent to me for review but I've been putting it off due mainly to the holidays and wanting to write, but also because of the format. This isn't a bound book. It is over 250 A4 pages, printed on both sides and held together with an elastic band. It has two inch borders all the way round so it looks like it has been printed - just not cut and bound. Still it has to be done so I'll make a start on it.

Back to the day job tomorrow. Still, with most of my colleagues on leave, I'll be able to power through my required work in the morning and then spend a few hours doing other forms of keyboard work - what Alex would call "stealing time" for more artistic pursuits.

Time to go.

Speak soon.



  1. Actually, it sounds like you are having a pretty good year. I do hope that your leg problems don't get any worse and will get better. have a nice day and the best to you in 2009.

  2. Hi Jamie - how does the above sound like a good year? In four days I've managed very little writing and a whole lot of pain - and I've had to go back to my day job as of today :c(

    Thanks for the best wishes and consider them sent back post-haste in your direction with additional good thoughts.

    As for my legs, I can last about an hour before having to stand and move around. I think it may be time to visit the doctor and find a solution.

  3. 2400 words is more than I have written this year. And I don't have a job to worry about.

  4. You're losing your writing space? I'm slowly gaining mine. A new bookcase went in last night.