Friday, January 9, 2009


And so it seems I now join the list of those who have started the year with a rejection as Wamphyri has been knocked back.

Comments include "solid and capably written", but the editors believe it would be more suited to an action orientated publication rather than horror.

That last bit surprised me. I now fully understand they are after more of the tension and suspense type of horror but I still thing this is more dark supernatural fiction than action.

Still, I agree it is another story with well used tropes, portrayed in a fashion not wholly different to others which have come before. It's not unique or looked at in a completely different way.

I'm not going to get upset over it. I'm just going to do some market research over the weekend and send out the 3 pieces which have not found a home over the past month and are still waiting resubmission.

Moving on...


  1. When editors have time to leave comments, I am thrilled. Nine point nine times out of ten they are on spot and have something to teach me.

    That said, it doesn't always mean I should change the story. Sometimes knowing how others see it lets me know where to submit it next : )

  2. Yep - totally agree with all that, but telling me the market in question is looking for more tension and fear inducement rather than a faster paced type of dark fiction is one thing, saying my dark fiction is really better suited to an action market, is something else.

    Maybe I should just go back to writing erotica - at least I knew when I was writing for that market, the material was easy to pin down - so to speak.