Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been very selfish recently in regards to my writing - not the actual sitting down and penning a new story, because, well, I haven't done any writing yet this year - not really. I've started two new short stories in 2010 but they currently languish in the WIP file and the sheen has lost its lustre.

I've not read a great deal. I've finally started on a book I've been meaning to read and review for sometime but that is going very slowly and it's of no fault of the book. The opening passages are wonderfully descriptive but I'm just not ready within myself to fall into another world.

I've not been big on interacting with other bloggers. I still read all the blogs of writer friends around the world so I know what they've been up to, how much snow they've had and what their current WIP is, but I've not commented often.

I'm skimming over industry blogs. Agent blogs have some wonderful advice but I'm not interested in reading it at the moment.

I'm in a bit of a lull. I'm steadily working through getting the Dark Pages anthology ready as and when required but other than that, I'm not really doing anything with writing.

I'm easing off the accelerator which I had pressed firmly to the floor over the past three years. I'm taking a breather, letting things settle.

I'm not going to set any goals, or rather, I'm cancelling the goals I mentioned only a month ago and just allowing things to go where they please.

Of the now non-goals, a few are still going to happen. Dark Pages will obviously still be going ahead and I still need to do what an editor needs to do to get that done. Inner Voice still needs revising so that will still get done. I'm booking time off for NaNo so that will still get done.

Everything else can take care of itself if it wants to. I'd like to go to WorldCon, I'd like to create my editing bible, I'd like to create some new stories. Good on them if they happen - not the end of the world if they don't.

It's all about me at the moment and my total lack of desire to sit down and write. I think outside influences have a lot to do with this and come the end of cricket season, this may change (I hope this changes), but forcing myself to sit and write at the moment is producing half baked ideas and lots of dribble, so it's not a helpful solution. Like everything else, this will pass.

In the end, I'm a writer - and writers write, but right now I feel like the longest em dash in history.


  1. Sounds like you need a break after all the work on Dark Pages - there should be beer involved.

  2. Maybe burbon...suddenly I feel like Homer Simpson!

  3. I have a wonderful bottle of scotch in my liquor cabinet at the moment you are more than welcome to.

  4. It's always hard to keep going strong after a big project like that.

  5. The brain needs time to restore itself after a huge project-- and I know RL stresses/awesomeness can make me less willing to sit my butt down and go to. It'll come when it wants to, and good on you (as y'all say) for letting it happen!

  6. Have to take breaks once in a while or you'll go batty. I understand that. I've been there. Big projects are killer on the motivation (hence my own reluctance to jump in the novel fray again).

  7. Sometimes it's good to allow yourself time to recharge. Just reading your posts the last few months has made me feel tired--you definitely deserve some down time.

  8. Life needs balance. All writing and related can burn one out. But just like once someone quits school, for whatever reason, it is sometimes very difficult to get back into it--and the longer away the harder...

    Well, you know what I'm getting at. So if writing is something that is important, balance the time away from the activity as well.

    Just my two cents for what they're worth. And do have some fun!

  9. So - when the antho is released - I'm booking time off to relax and finish some of the home reno projects.