Monday, January 4, 2010

Writing Goals For 2010

 - I'm trying to catch up on everything I've been too slack to do over the last few weeks.

Everyone has started listing their goals for 2010 and reviewing how they've gone on the goals for 2009. Jumping on the bandwagon...

My 2009 goals:

I would still like to win a competition so I will enter at least three:- I entered four (I think) but didn't do any good. I'll probably still enter the AHWA comps this year but I'll cover that in goals for 2010.

I will finish Newland:- failure. I gave this up after 50-odd thousand words and started on Inner Voice which I did finish the first draft of at 30-odd thousand words. Still lots of work to do on this one.

I will pass the second year of my diploma:- another failure. Dropped out mid-year. I completed six subjects over the three semesters I attended for a total of five credits and one pass. Unless progression through a professional writing job warrants me returning, I can't see me going back.

I will continue to circulate my current batch of stories:- yay. I've continued to circulate my work and have had a good number published over the last 12 months. Not Cate or JT good, but still good for me. I'm still trying to find a home for Too Late the Rain - one day.

I will write at least three new short stories:- surpassed. I retired some of my older stuff part way through this year and wrote half a dozen new ones.

I will get at least four acceptances:- surpassed.

I will go to the writers conventions held in Adelaide if I can afford it:- I didn't end up going and I'm glad I didn't. The convention was a farce and the awards ceremony was worse. I'm glad Felicity ended up getting her award though.

I will read at least two books a month: - another failure. I managed 21 books instead of 24.

I will continue to write reviews for HorrorScope and Black:- Black folded but HorrorScope continues to go ahead from strength to strength. My reviews have fallen away with my involvement in Dark Pages but I'll pick it up again. My rate of posting reviews did earn me a Ditmar nomination so I'm counting this as a success.

I will keep my blog updated. 351 posts in 2009 - pretty good.

So, a mixed bag, but a lot happened that wasn't foreseen.

Eight stories were published in 2009.
Three additional stories have been slated for publication in 2010.
I completed a YA manuscript (Inner Voice).
I became the inaugural editor for Dark Pages Volume One from Blade Red Press.
I became a grandfather.
I became Chairman of the local cricket club.
I became B Grade captain.

The last three have nothing to do with writing but have a large impact on my writing time. Moving onto goals for 2010.

Publish Dark Pages Volume One
Revise Inner Voice
Write another four new short stories.
Enter three writing contests
Have seven stories published (need another four)
Regularly review independent publications
Read 20 books this year
Attend WorldCon in Melbourne in September (if the coins add up)
Participate in NaNoWriMo

Apart from WorldCon, these should all be definitely doable. The convention will depend on a lot of outside factors and on how the money stacks up. We'll see.

Good luck to everyone in 2010!


  1. I would say that 2009 was a pretty good year. It looked like a year of re-prioritizing and I would say you still did very well. Here is to 2010 *raises glass*.

  2. 2010 is going to be a breakout year. Cheers!

  3. Very good goals, and I bet you can reach them all if time/resources permit. Your 2009 was pretty darn good; 2010 will be even better!

  4. An impressive list of successes this year-- so many huge accomplishments. I'm sure the next one will be killer, which would indeed make it a breakout year, as Aaron says.

  5. The way our little online community is moving forward, I'm pretty sure it will be a break out year for a number of us. Thanks for all the encouragement, guys and girls.

  6. Heya BT, congrats on all your successes and hope that 2010 is even better on all fronts!

    And don't worry, I think just about everyone drops out of Professional Writing at Adelaide TAFE...I've done 3/4 of the course and probably won't finish it...someone I knew (professional writer!) took 10 years to get that diploma. A TAFE cert is unfortunately not that important in the big scheme of things. I guess it can lead into uni credits if you wish to pursue that avenue, but really? Just spend that time to write stuff :-)

    Was a shame not to see you at the Natcon - while it was farcical in places, it was great to catch up with a bunch of folks and the bits that worked were good fun. The Ditmar presentations were good but yes, they fell down on getting the statues to the out-of-staters.

    Hope to see you at Worldcon, or for a coffee next time you're in the CBD :-)


  7. Jas - yes, one day we will catch up for a drink and I'll bring in those books. I will master this thing we call time at some point...