Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gathering Speed

Today during my insanely hectic *cough* day at the 'real' job, I "found" some time to do a little research.

For the past few days I've been giving Inner Voice (IV) a nudge (playing with some line edits, marking things I want to change, having brainstorming session on characters and how to improve them). With just playing on the peripherals, in only about half the chapters, I've already added nearly a thousand words. Only one chapter actually decreased in size (and that wasn't by a huge amount).

I have quite a few notes at home I'm yet to incorporate. Like the post title suggests - I'm gathering speed.

Even while writing this post I've come to a decision about a minor character who is now going to change sex, learn new skills, become a love interest conflict, and open up possible threads into the paranormal. Along with the ramping up of another minor character, I guess I'm totally into gathering together the Scooby gang, or building the team - as it's referred to in "How to write" posts on many other websites. This will all work out nicely when I write the new final two chapters (I did mention in earlier posts how I wasn't happy with the ending, didn't I?).

But I digress from the mental toils started today, which is not unusual when I get started on IV.

My research was all about creating an agent list. I'm a long way from finished but I have so far gathered two dozen links (or so) I need to collate and further expand on to arrive at my final agents submission list.

I expect that by the time I've finished editing and polishing the manuscript, I'll have a fully prepared stable of agents to query, and hopefully a nailed down log-line-come-elevator pitch, query, and synopsis (stop laughing).

I have a few items each agent/agency must meet for me to consider submitting to them:

  • They must accept YA submissions but also handle darker and edgier stuff.
  • They must accept email queries
  • They must have a track record of exposing new talent
  • They must state their willingness to work editorially with clients
  • They must have a decent stable of already signed writers
  • They must not have any reading fees or associations with editorial businesses
  • If not in the US or UK, they must have international connections with a proven track record
Once I've done my initial electronic research, I'll be researching YA writers who write in same/similar genres as my offering as I'll be targeting the agencies who represent them as well.

As I move into this new phase of the writing journey, I'll post my findings, recommendations and experiences. I'll not be posting any negative comments as I'm keen not to burn any bridges at this embryonic stage of my attempting to leave the nest (hows that for mixing metaphors?).

On the Dark Pages Volume I front, things have slowed to a crawl. We have over half the ToC stowed away and ready to go to publishing. The last few stories are taking a little longer to square away, but I'm sure it will all come together in the not-too-distant-future.

So how's your day been?


  1. You are on a roll! Your process for finding and finalizing an agent list is astoundingly similar to the one I've used for the few projects I've queried-- I look forward to seeing how it develops.

    As to IV, it's lovely how just talking/thinking about something like that brings the decisions around naturally, isn't it?

  2. Why would we laugh! :D I'm dreading the whole synopsis thing (again) but I love researching agents.

  3. I love the research thing myself. I think I am in the wrong profession. I should have been a professional researcher. Have fun with it and good luck.

  4. Awesome! You're really rocking along!

    I dropped by to tell you that I took a picture of me in those horrid, horrid polka dot pajamas. And one day you and I will do a challenge (who will get an agent first, maybe?) and if I win, you have to do something spectacular. And if I lose, the pajamas pic runs online. I even have bedhead.

    Up for it? >:)


  5. Ok, my interest has been roused, but I don't own any polka dot PJ's (or any other PJ's for that matter) so what spectacular thing would I be up for?

    The first to find an agent may be a little long term (hopefully not for both our sakes) so how about something with a shorter, more definite time frame - like an anthology, or competition, or something?

    As I'm a gentleman, I'll allow ladies to go first and choose the initial target. If neither of us make it into the first chosen market, then I'll pick the next one, and son on and so forth until we have a winner.

    How does that sound?

    But first, what do I have to do when/if I lose?

  6. I guess I scared you off with the comment about not owning any PJ's :c(

  7. Ha, sorry. I've been all over the place lately. And I merely assumed that you slept peacefully in a full suit of armor. you know about any pro-paying horror anthologies coming up? I'd love to do something to help me get into the HWA or SFWA as an active member. Let's scout around, shall we?

    Do you draw? This would be even better if you didn't. If I win, you have draw me a fantastic picture, and there has to be a unicorn and rainbow in it. Then I get to run it on my blog. I want it to be pretty. And colorful. Deal?


  8. No, I don't draw but I am willing to give it a go. Unfortunately, I don't know of any pro anthos coming up. I'll have a scout around but we may be better off targeting something else.

  9. Yeah, shoot down both of my ideas! ;)

    Go ahead and pick a challenge out. I'm down for whatever you choose. Surprise me, and give me a shout out when you decide, all right? I'm doing a challenge WIP on Wednesday, I think. I have a few irons in the fire, which means that my concentration is scattered and your chances of winning are...well, not as INSANELY INCONCEIVABLE as first believed. >:)

    I'm glad we're doing this!