Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long Overdue Links To Good Stuff

Excellent advice from Elana over at Query Tracker on trimming the fat in your manuscript. Take note of the post-it note tip...

Via the filtration that is communal blogging (snatched from Alan Baxter who was alerted by Cat Sparks who took it from Jay Lake's journal), I give you the The larval stages of the common American speculative fiction writer. Also from Alan, I was alerted to these two pages of interesting aids/rules in writing fiction: Page 1 Page 2.

Monica Valentinelli writes an interesting piece all new and emerging writers of dark fiction should take a squiz at.

I've been thinking lately that I've been a very bad online community member. I've not been doing the blog rounds, I've not been commenting a lot, I've not been posting a lot - and then I found this. Oh, yes! Bring on the crickets.

Locus Online has released their 2009 recommended reading list. Some excellent choices and plenty of Aussie flavour. (Must look into how you get a book in front of these guys so we have a chance of getting Dark Pages on the 2010 list).

This requires no explanation. It is so true. And funny.

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  1. I loved that post at Jay Lake's blog, and yeah. Bring the crickets, man!

    We know it's a good thing :D