Monday, February 1, 2010

First Round Edits - Done

We here in the trenches we call Dark Pages Volume One, to be released early this year by Blade Red Press, have passed another milestone. We have completed reading and editing the ToC - the first time round.

We believe all the major changes, punctuation, grammar, character nicknames, English versus Americanisms, etc have been decided, pointed out, and the suggested changes, well,er, have been suggested.

I rush to point out that this is not an Australian anthology, and so I'm not aligning everything into Australian English. Authors from all over the world have their own way of looking and describing things and we've tried to stay true to the original visions where at all possible. We've even kept the spelling in line with the author's country of birth - to this point.

I can safely say, this collection is just getting better and better as we go through it.

Second round edits (this is where the authors send back manuscripts telling us how right or wrong we are in our suggestions) have started coming in and we're now moving through those as of this week. Another week or two and they will all be ready, signed off on, and approved to be left in the loving care of the publisher.

Not long now!

Onward (if you're American), or onwards (if you're English/Australian).

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