Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Ticking

I'm still here.

We're almost there. I think we have two-thirds of the anthology edited and squared away. Not long now until we go into the production stages. Very cool.

My mind is drifting back to Inner Voice and I'm making copious amounts of notes on what I want to add, need to change and have to revise - all good stuff.

We're also about to enter our third heatwave for the summer. 35C and above for the end of this working week and continuing in the high 30's for the weekend. Normally we have a week long blast of hot once a summer but this season it just keeps coming. Personally, I like the heat. I much prefer it over the cold but even I've just about had enough.

I want the end of March to hurry up and arrive - the end of the real heat season, the end of cricket season, the anthology will be done and hopefully for sale (and hopefully flying out the door), my 42nd birthday will be a distant memory, and I can get on with getting some real writing done.

Anyone want to lay bets that come the end of March, I'll still be wondering when my writing year is going to begin....

I think I need a holiday. In fact, I think I could do with two!


  1. Let me be the first to offer you some of the snow we've been having over here. I'd love to swap for a little bit of your hot weather. :)

    I bet you can finish the anthology up by the end of March, anyway. It sure sounds like a ton of work! I hope you can get back to IV soon.

  2. I'll take cold. If it's cold, I can put a sweater on. Even nudity can't overcome intense heat : P

  3. I hope its done by the end of March. Not sure why, but this anthology has caught my interest and I'll definitely be picking up a copy.

    Good luck!

  4. I've mentioned it before, but lets average our temps...please?

  5. We're at over 2 feet of snow, with some nice winds to keep it extra chilly and drifting.

    Been through the anthology editing once myself. Sometimes long and tiring, but rewarding in the end.

    Hang in there.

  6. I'll take cold too. Here's to a productive writing March.

  7. KC - no thanks

    Nat - not nearly as much fun but...

    Rich - it will be kick arse!

    Aaron - I could live with that.

    Terry - thanks

    D - but not too cold. Low 20's would be enough. If it doesn't happen in March, I'll begin to worry that it's not going to happen at all, but then the cricket finals are in March, and so is my birthday...here's to a productive April!

  8. So far this winter we have over 57 inches of snow on the ground and we haven't had a daytime high above freezing in months. Bring on March- I am ready.

  9. I am so ready for a heat wave. Like everyone else in my area of the world, I still have a couple of feet of (hard, permafrost-looking) snow on the ground. Gah.

    Sounds like things are buzzing along! It's irritating to have a project that want's written when you can't write it, but it's also cool to have a chance to make those mental notes and get your ducks in a row.

  10. Jamie - 57"! And they say size doesn't matter...

    Katey - I keep getting my ducks mentally in a row and then shooting them down with something else. I need to write so I can clear the mental decks and be able to move on. Yes, I'm starting to get very antsy. Only six more weeks till April...