Monday, October 26, 2009


I've been a little 'in dispose' over the last day and a bit. While it's true I don't normally blog on the weekend, this past weekend has made it almost impossible.

I played cricket on Saturday and batted for an extended length of time. My body is now paying the price for what my head thought it could do. A sharp reminder that I'm on the wrong side of forty to be attempting such things.

Still, it's been a while since I've made some decent runs so, although painful, it has been enjoyable.

For anyone interested: I play for ATCO CC and you can follow our exploits over at (skip past the ad to find the site). To see where the teams are in the greater scheme of things, you can check out the association website.

On the writing side of things - an announcement is imminent...


  1. Love "wrong side of forty" Yipppee! *I jump up to cheer* Me too! *sharp left knee pain*

    Good for you, old man cricket. ;-)

  2. My body is falling apart in a rather morbid fashion at 35. I dread the next five or more years. Still, you exploits are encouraging.

  3. Yes, and I'm on the downhill slide towards 50...and put to shame by the near 60 set weekly at basketball *sigh*. Glad it was still fun, BT!

  4. What I would give for the body of an eighteen year old. (mind out of the gutter, please)

    I scarcely remember when I didn't hurt at least a little each day.

  5. Last year on her birthday, my mom said, "If I'd felt like this at 25, I'd have gone to the emergency room." Until a few years ago I had no idea how true that was. Now I get up all stiff and sore in the mornings and that's just normal.

  6. My body started falling apart when I hit 25, so I salute you, sir! I'm with Aaron-- I don't remember not being achy.

    They don't make 'em like they used to :/

  7. I'm on pins and needles for this announcement! Do tell.


  8. Bec - Go easy on the jumping. Knees take a long time to settle.

    Jamie - if you can still do as much work on your house as you have over the last six months then you have nothing to worry about for sometime to come.

    Alan - I have a guy in my team who is closer to fifty and runs rings around me. I hate him.

    Sorry Aaron - my mind went straight to the dark side before you'd finished the sentence.

    KC - your mum and I are on a similar wavelength. If I felt like this at 25, they may well have placed me in isolation and run all sorts of tests. Now they just shrug and make comments like 'what did you expect?' - it's pretty sad really.

    Katey - I dislocated both knees when I was 17 (while wearing a toga - there's an interesting story). Things have been going south since.

    M & Nat - Soon. Very soon, but then I expect you ladies (and everyone else) to do what I then request...