Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nothing New To Report

I know you would all like to know what's going on around here but as far as what I'm doing writing-wise, nothing new. I'm still up to my neck in my secret project and quite enjoying it.

The day job is flat out at the moment as my major projects there are all ramping up. Lots of documentation to be created so any time I have during the day is all being sapped by technical writing - which is nowhere near as much fun.

Haven't read (for fun or review) a great deal lately either.

I was given a prompt for a flash piece the other day and began writing on one of those instant ideas we sometimes have. I got through about 200 words, got sidetracked (again) and when I came back to it I'd already lost the spark of inspiration for it. I am firmly set in 'can't say' mode for the time being as I work on 'can't say that either'.

What I will say is that I'm learning a lot. I'm learning about what other writers think, how they write, story structure, what types of ideas work, what types of execution doesn't and lots of other things besides. There, that's a huge clue, but I shall not be confirming or denying any guesses. I promise I'll document the whole thing when I come clean (in about 6-7 weeks - maybe sooner if the need arises...).


  1. Flash tricky for me, so easy to get thrown off!

  2. Conflict, suspense, tension - isn't that what we're all trying to master...


  3. I thought I had found my spark for flash but the ember seemed to have died out after one story. Good luck with everything you have going. You sound busier than usual, which is no mean feat.

  4. I'm with Jamie, I don't know how you pack everything in to your days. Maybe days in Australia are longer than days elsewhere. :)

  5. Jamie/KC - Yeah right! Compared with Ms 20k/week and Mr Build-my-own-house I'm slower than a wet week.

    I've written a total of 200-odd words so far this month - not overly impressive.

    On the up side, daylight savings kicked in a week or so ago, so days are actually getting longer :c)

  6. Read your story in YELLOW MAMA, nice and gory! : )

  7. Oh, is that up? Shows how much I keep an eye on things. Thanks!