Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots Happening

I've got so many fingers in so many pies that you just knew now is when my laptop would start playing up...

So, first things first, I need to fix my laptop and while I'm at it, I'll probably have to fix my sister-in-laws laptop which has been kicking around here for a few weeks waiting to be looked at. I work with computers for a living so I hate having to fix them at home. I guess it's like the mechanic who has a car that always breaks down - we all try to leave work at work.

After that, I have a new secret project in the works. The final details aren't worked out so I'm not saying alot just yet, but it could be the start of a new direction for me, or at least a new string to the writing bow which will be nice - stay tuned.

For anyone interested in my non-writing activities:

Cricket season started yesterday. As well as being involved with the committee, I'm also captain of our B Grade team (getting too old to keep playing A Grade - I'll leave that to the younger lads). I won the toss and batted. We were eventually bowled out for 208. I was happy enough to be part of an 87 run partnership in the middle order which built the foundation for our more than competitive total, but mainly I was stoked with how the boys all batted in partnerships and allowed the score to grow. Then, with 15 overs left to bowl in the day's play, we hit the opposition hard and have them 4/33 at stumps on day one. A couple of quick wickets first up next Saturday and we'll be pushing for a big points in the first game. This is doubly satisfying as nearly half of the players who would be considered automatic picks for the team are unavailable for this game. Due to the excellent performance, it's highly possible those automatic picks will be starting their season in the C Grade.

Time for me to get to work fixing computers (groan). Speak soon.


  1. And now all I can think about is pie *sigh*

  2. I know the paragraph about cricket was in English, but I know absolutely nothing about the sport. It was like reading hieroglyphs. Off to research...

    (glad the team played well--sounds like they did)

  3. You sound extremely busy. :) Hope the new writing project goes well.