Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi all - no I've not been sick this time. We had a long weekend over here and some other things cropped up which have taken away lots of my time.

I've been voted on as chairman of my local cricket club and have a few irons in different fires in regards to sorting some issues out. Waiting on responses from others has been a painful and disappointing waste of time this weekend. And now I'm awaiting the outcome of an appeal which is proving to be just as painful, but hopefully not as disappointing.

On top of that, the season itself begins this coming weekend so we had an internal trial game on the Saturday just gone, which was pretty well attended and I think most of the players had fun - even if only a few actually got any real benefit from it. Any chance to play some cricket can only be a good thing before we are thrust into real competition.

And finally, I managed to fix our spare DS which meant I'm back to hunting lots of Pokemon - yes, I'm addicted. Yes, it's very sad.

I successfully finished my week long course, got the certificate, and confirmed I was on the right track with my planning for the future which is always nice. Now I have some planning and testing weeks ahead of me and then some building and implementation weeks. This will result in very little time for writing during the day. With cricket season now on, that wipes out two weekday afternoons/evenings and Saturdays. Sundays are for chores and recovery. Not a lot left. I'll find time somewhere to write but there won' be a lot of it.

Some good news!

Behold the awesomeness that is the cover for The Blackness Within anthology from Apex

And the wonderful people I get to share the ToC with are:
(In alphabetical order as listed here)

For They Are As Beasts by Camille Alexa
Abattoir Blues by Geoffrey W. Cole
Chain of Hearts by Eric Gregory
The Free Poor by Mark Grundy
Bad Meat by Michael Keyton
Dance of the Psychopomps by Joshua McCune
The Messiah of Mincemeat by S. Clayton Rhodes
Without Mercy by Lucas Pederson
Daughter of God by Maxwell Peterson
Secrets of Fatima by Steven L. Shrewsbury
Dreaming by Brenton Tomlinson
Song-Ji and the Wolf by Paul Williams
Big Game by Conrad Zero

I started trying to find websites for each author but many either have only a Facebook/MySpace presence, completely outdated blogs, or nothing at all. If I'm wrong and you do have a site you'd like me to link to - send me an email. Still, it's an interesting collection of unknown authors thrown in with a few who have a fair amount of stuff out in the marketplace - even a novel or two! After working with Gill Ainsworth (editor), I'm sure it will be mind-blowingly awesome in its togetherness.

So that's it from me. All I've got on at the moment is reading and I need to get back to it. Still working on my lists and still have every intention of doing my own rules bible, but slowly. I think while everyone else is doing NaNoWriMo this year I'll be editing Inner Voice but that's okay as well.


  1. Very cool looking cover! You sound extremely busy, but don't be a stranger.

  2. Very nice, BT, how exciting. I agree, the cover is a stunner.

    Writing is rewriting, many an English teacher spouted at me; therefore, in the best sense, in your own way, you'll be participating in NaNo.

  3. Am loving the cover. Can't wait to get a copy.

  4. Isn't it though - the cover I mean - beautiful. I'm glad you all think so. It proves I'm not such a weird individual (unless you lot are all weird as well).

    My wife didn't get it until I explained the central theme of the antho. I think she thought I'd written something very weird and needed to consider moving herself and the kids to a safer environment. Or it could be because I dragged her out of bed to have a look, and it was cold, and late - hmm, maybe...

  5. The cover is beautiful, in that dark, chill your spine sort of way. Congrats!

  6. Nice cover, nice result - congrats BT!

  7. Oh yeah. This one definitely goes on the to-buy list. Like yesterday.