Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's been a while and I've read some really good stuff around the place recently.

Great advice from the Query Tracker blog.

October Issue of Apex Mag is out for some good reading.

Alex has some good advice and prods us to look closer at our dreams - definitely something I need to do. (I've had two really good stories disappear on me in the last ten days)

I talked about lists recently - well now read this, and then this (Or just subscribe and read all of Alex's posts). This should give everyone a good idea on how to go about list creation and some ideas for their own.

There is justification for all writers over at Kate's blog. In a convoluted path, you will end up over at Dani Shapiro's corner of the cyberverse where we find it's good for a writer to do nothing! (occasionally).

KC lets us know everything we ever needed to know about deers - and a lot that you wish you didn't. This is just good fun and while you're considering the benefits of doing nothing, you may as well surf other writer's sites...

Aaron was kind enough to let us know that Necrography has gone the way of the Dodo :c( Make sure you read all the comments as well - and put your hand in your pocket occasionally.

And in an effort to wrap this salad up with something ultra useful and uber helpful to all writers, I present one of the best posts I've read in a long time from Ms Mercedes (love that name) M Yardley. If you intend to pitch, verbally, to anyone - you need to read this.

Congratulations to everyone who gained an acceptance recently - I know there are a few of you but this post is long enough.

Hope you find something useful.


  1. Yay, I'm uber helpful!

    I LOVED the Query Tracker post. Not that I'm usually super negative on my blog, but it was a good reminder. Thanks for that.


  2. I figure most of the normal crew will have read more than a few of these, but then it doesn't hurt to spread the love to any lurkers out there, or to remind us about helpful things. It also makes it easy to find again by searching under Writing Tips.

    As for you, Mercedes, without doubt!

  3. I like these round-ups. Too many blogs to follow otherwise, and not enough time.

    Thanks BT!

  4. I need to keep up with my dream journal more often. I've kept it on and off for years and there are quite a few good story ideas amid the bizarreness.

    Now I've got some links to follow, thanks. :)

  5. Round-ups are good. Trying to get around to everybody listed in other people's blogrolls is just too difficult.

    Share the wealth when you come across it so others don't have to try and stumble over it on their own. I'm glad people find this useful. My job here is done.

  6. Oooh thanks for the Alex Sokoloff links-- that's what I'm talking about, with the list frenzy! Brilliant.

    It IS good for us to do nothing. Really. It is. (I keep telling myself, but you know...)