Tuesday, February 5, 2008

White Rabbit Syndrome

Where does the time go?

I started a post earlier today at work during my lunch break. I then got called into a meeting which went ridiculously long and turned out to be a waste of time! I then got side tracked with over heating issues in a server rack, and then had to rush off to cricket training - I coach so I had to go.

I got home and then helped my boy with a resume for his first job application.

I only now get time to find out I never finished the blog from work. :(

The internal students began tonight but I still don't have my books. I spoke with the freight company who are blaming the Arts Centre. I spoke with a nice woman from the Arts Centre who blames the dispatchers. Either way, I'm still waiting for my books. Not a great start to the school year.

As soon as I get my course work I'll let you all know what I'm in for.

Started perusing the short story markets again today (this morning before it all hit the fan). Found some new ones to send my current stock to. As of tomorrow I will spend an hour or two each day at the keyboard working on either current stories or course work.

Hope your writing continues to blossom and your submissions are successful!

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