Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Just a quick note: While reading a transcript of an online chat session between AHWA and Ellen Datlow (full transcipt to be found here) I found this absolute gem piece of advice.

[Ellen Datlow] Actually, the first one, Salon Fantastique was a bit scarier for Terri and me. Because it was our first time out (for both of us I think)...but like any anthology, the editor is more open at the beginning than later in the process...

[AHWA Member question] So submit early?

[Ellen Datlow] anything goes at first but as an anthology of any type fills up, your "needs" change and narrow as you try to balance everything. So {AHWA Member} yes, submit early.

So there you have it folks - straight from the editors mouth, as soon as you hear about an up coming anthology you think would be good to get into, start writing. As soon as it opens, get your submission in as soon as humanly, or inhumanly, possible!

Rules to live by :)

Good luck with your back to updating the web site.

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