Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Set Back

I have received feedback from my first assignment - and the news isn't good.

I have on many occasions, told people on forums and mentioned it a few times through my posts, to check guidelines before submissions.

I was told during orientation that we were to treat the submission of assignments as if we were submitting to market.

The first page of the introduction booklet outlined the submission format.

I didn't double check :(

Result: I forgot to double space my submission as requested. The requirements were also a little vague on the material they wanted submitted so I sent in all three parts of my work within the first assignment, including all the markups regarding changes between the original piece and the final piece. I thought they also wanted the 200 word description of those changes on top.

It turns out I got it wrong in my eagerness to get into it.

Luckily, the lecturer has allowed me to resubmit my first assignment but I have sent him an email requesting clarification on exactly what he wants. I'm thinking it could be as little as just the 200 word description.

I'm hoping I will be allowed to resubmit my second assignment which also wasn't double spaced.

The directions for that assignment were much clearer and I believe I've submitted exactly what they wanted - we'll see.

I'm glad I held onto the third assignment. I'll be reformatting that one correctly before sending out now.

It seems being away from academia for twenty something years has had its draw backs. But I learn quickly. The format of submissions won't be a mistake I'll make again - ever.

So now I'm waiting on a reply from my questions on assignment one. Then I'll sit down and get caught up again.

Good luck with your submissions (check the guidelines before sending)

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