Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've finally finish 99% of the major project at work I've been stuck under for the past couple of months - and, shock horror, it all went as I expected and planned it to go! If only my muse would behave that way...

It was Australia Day here on the Tuesday just gone so apparently over 500,000 Australians took a sick day (known as a sickie in these parts) on the Monday to turn it into a four day weekend. Due to the project work and an already shortened week, I was not one of them.

But weep not for my loss as my wife and I thought our youngest was returning to school next week, so I booked off this Friday (tomorrow) and next Monday. Low and behold, she went back to school this week so I now have a child free Monday and Friday - my own four day long weekend!

I've got work to do around the house but I also intend to make a huge dent in some editing. My copy editor has a few stories backed up for me to go over and the publisher has sent me a load of round 2 edits to look at - things are piling up from both ends. Time to clear the decks.

If we can square away Dark Pages in the next few weeks (maybe even two weeks), then it's over to the publisher to put the thing together. We'll sort out cover art and I'll be able to seriously get back into my own revisions which have been badly left hanging on the sidelines. I'm definitely a one-project-at-time-type-of-guy.

It's way past time I got 2010 started!


  1. 2010 wouldn't be a party without you.

  2. I'd vote for an Australia Day in my neck of the woods. Winter needs a bit of sunshine.

  3. Yay for the long weekend of sweet, sweet, nothing--except crazy amounts of editing. But oh, that book is going to be so worth it :D

  4. It is 2010, isn't it? Fine. I'll he productive. You know, after Chinese New Year ; )

  5. Good luck with your editing and makes sure you don't waste too much of your time

    I always take extra time off at Christmas thinking I've got plenty of time to do both, relaxing and writing only to find myself back at work and wishing I had done more.

  6. Congrats on being almost done!
    Muses don't like to behave that way...or even behave at all.

  7. Enjoy your four-day weekend! You don't even have to worry about getting back to your work project next week, since you got it all done.

  8. Welcome back, Bec!

    Nat - when is Chinese New Year?

    Jarmara - ditto

    KC - unfortunately I still have some documentation to finish, but the back has been broken on it. Not long now. With that done, and the antho almost on the home stretch, writing time will become easier to come by...

  9. I too was one of the few Aussies who did not take a sickie on Monday.

  10. So does that make us both silly, or over dedicated?

  11. All I know about Australia Day is that Andy Murray had to sit and watch the fireworks during his match Nadal...

    Good luck with your writing.