Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Critique

But not from me...

The undisputed Queen of online ninjas, zombies and everything just a little bit left of centre, Carrie Harris, had a brilliant 2009 and has now decided to give a little back to the writing community by holding a contest. The prize is a critique of the first five pages of your manuscript.

In the words of 'She-who-must-be-snickered-with', aka 'The Sparkly One':

So here's your chance to get critted by a semi-lunatic, to-be-pubbed-in-2011 YA author. I tend to do best with YA, fantasy, and other genre literature, but feel free to enter even if you write midget goatherder romance. Actually, I particularly want you to enter if you write midget goatherder romance. Please, do it for me.

The rules couldn't be simpler. Go here and leave a comment. While you're there become a follower of her blog (worth the price of admission in and of itself). And then blog or tweet about the contest like I'm doing right now. Doing these three things will give you three entries into the competition to win the most awesome of prizes. Rumour has it there may be autographed pictures of Carrie sulking or something as well (personally, I'm hoping for the 'or something' - but I'm twisted that way).

So get to it. Go comment/follow/blog/tweet. If you've not written a manuscript, then you'll need to complete NaNoWriMo in the next NaNoWriFewDays and then enter. I promise it'll be worth the effort :c)

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