Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final Choices

Today is forecast to be 36C here in little old Adelaide. The next three days are all forecast to be 41C!

That's the bad news (although I much prefer the heat to the cold so I'm not complaining too much).

The good news is I have tomorrow off to look after my little girl. We were going to go fishing with the new rod Santa got her for Xmas but this has been put on hold till next Friday due to the heat and her wish to stay home and rearrange her bedroom what is it with females and moving furniture?).

Cricket will also be called off this coming weekend due to the hot weather policy.

All these cancellations leave me with three days to finalise my ToC for Dark Pages Volume One. I expect to be letting the publisher know Sunday night (or early Monday-ish) what I want. I will also be putting down my final comments in regards to those unlucky few who made the short list but don't make the ToC exactly why they didn't proceed any further. These will go out with the dreaded rejection letters sometime next week.

Then we can move onto edits! My copy editors will come into their own and, in consultation with the authors, we will wrangle the remaining stories into one of the best dark fiction anthologies to come out this year (not that I'm biased or anything...).

I imagine by the end of January, I'll actually be able to start working on my own writing once more! Woot!

Thank you to all the shortlisted authors for your patience and wish you nothing but the best this coming weekend.


  1. Don't ask me - the vat majority of furniture is fine where it is.

  2. Good luck on the final selection!

  3. I used to draw up plans for my bedroom when I was a kid. In fact, I'm itching to do so now. :D

  4. I say we split the difference on temps. Today the high is set for 9 Fahrenheit (-12 C)...tomorrow: 2 F (-17 C). Cold enough? What are we trying to do...find absolute zero?

  5. I will take your weather any time of the year over what we have here (Where I am makes Aaron forecast look like a heat wave).

  6. I'm not sure about celsius temperatures (I'm not even sure how to spell it), but I would happily trade with you. I'm freezing! Time to take a hot shower and go to bed.

  7. You've just been given a CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD.

    Venture yonder to see why & wherefore!

  8. Snow, 30 mph winds about 50 kph), 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 C) around here. Only fishing is ice fishing for those who are hearty (maybe fool hearty) enough.

    Hope your daughter gets to use that new rod & reel soon.

    Rejection letters/comments, never a fun thing, but often useful to writers.