Thursday, January 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday's still Wednesday somewhere in the world!

We're still waiting on confirmation from one author included in the ToC but everyone has now been notified, and all ToC authors (except the one noted above) have replied. Phase three is a go. The editing process has begun in earnest.

Once more I'm in a very lucky position. I'm working with writers who are exceptional with the English language. In particular, I have the good fortune to be working with my own Guru of all things language so there is also trust pre-built-in to the whole thing. It may be my name on the cover, but the copy editors will be listed inside and they are doing the majority of the leg work. I go over their edits, make final decisions and pass it on to the publisher who interacts with the authors on our behalf - it's a pretty sweet deal I've got.

In other news, I've placed a book on my nightstand to actually read! I've read one novella in the last couple of months. Yes, I've read hundreds of submissions for Dark Pages but that left very little time for reading anything else. I am going to get back into it in a big way very soon.

With my reading, so went my writing. I've not written very much since I started this whole editor gig. I've done bits and pieces, started a couple of stories which have ended up going nowhere, jotted down an idea or two, but I've done nothing that has that over-riding passion, that spark of inspiration which drives a story through to completion. I'm hoping this is changing as well. Yesterday I wrote a little over 1800 words on something new (and currently unnamed). It's a dark fantasy set in modern times with magic, zombies, lost love, and possibly sex - it's not finished yet but it definitely could be headed that way - we'll see. I'm guessing another 1000 words or so and she should be done. Fingers crossed I get this one finished and off to the critique group. It's been a while since I submitted anything for them to rip apart ;c) excerpt. Let me see. Let's set the scene to begin with (paragraph two)

In the centre of the yard, just in front of the marble-look bird bath made of hardened plastic, a mound of freshly turned earth marred the manicured lawn. With the full moon hidden behind heavy clouds, and no hint of wind to help reveal its comforting light, the mound took on the countenance of a small hillock of coal waiting to feed an invisible engine. The shovel speared into the ground beside it helped complete the setting


  1. I liked the language there with your excerpt. Sounds like good stuff.

  2. Nice excerpt! Sounds very interesting.

    And it's still Wednesday here, and will be for another two and a half hours. :)

  3. "Possibly" headed for sex? Oh come now, I think you can pull a definitely : )

  4. nothing like freshly turned earth to pique my interest.

  5. Sets the scene nicely, BT. I'm pretty sure there'll be some sex. C'mon.

  6. Ooh, back in the saddle I see. Erm, ahem!

    Lovely little excerpt.

  7. Knew I shouldn't have said anything about sex...

    Still working through the first draft (which now sits at a little over 2100) but need to add a lot more words, but so far, the sex hasn't eventuated, only the suggestion that it should.

    I'll just have to try and stay in the saddle for a while longer...

  8. Salutations from a sticky humid Brisbane.

    I know exactly what you mean about writing going out the window when you're editing. Gratefully the anthology we put together last year was created in a rolling fashion so editing was stretched out over months (actually nine months) so there was still plenty of time to read) The additional bonus was it didn't include reading several hundred stories in a slush pile. We assembled our writers and gave them what seemed to be a pretty crazy task to complete.

    That aside, editing sucks me dry of creativity and I find it needs to be carefully managed and balanced. Taking on 12 new writers this year and expanding out our anthology - it will be fun to see how the balance is maintained and on which side of the scales it tips.